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I think that hurt my self

I think that hurt my self

I wake up this morning and I see this.Yesterday I am stretch 2 times and the second one is with not hot wrap.I must worry for this?

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Bumps and bruises are to be expected. You are pulling on your dick in ways it is not used to. The penis is pretty resilient, but not indestructible. Just give it a rest, and remember to use heat next time.

Good Luck

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No Nukes

Don’t worry, be Happy!!

Bruises are common

Swelling and discoloration are also common


Regarding your PM. The clamp in my avatar is a cable clamp. As a new member you are probably not ready for that. Clamping is an extreme routine. By looking at the bruise on your wanger, you are a long way from extreme PE, but when you are ready there has been tons of stuff written on the wonderful world of clamping. The devise I was talking about is what they call a jelqing device. It can be made from a simple device called canning tongs. These tongs are used for retrieving jars from boiling water. They can be found in any hardware store in the US. Below is a link that will explain how to make one cheap. However, I’m not sure if these supplies will be available in Greece. Guess we can rule out Walmart, but then again, maybe not. You may also have trouble finding cable clamps, and judging from that injury this might be a good thing.

Homemade Power JELQ

By the way, I spent three years stationed in Athens when I was in the Navy back in the 70s. Fond memories, indeed. Tell me, does the lovely Ακακαλλις still ask after me? :leftie:

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