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My hands, wrist and forearms hurt

My hands, wrist and forearms hurt

2 days ago I had a very intense weightlifting workout, and later I had an intense PE stretch session.

Now it’s the second day without any Pe exercises, and still my hands and wrists hurt as hell when I’m trying to do something. It’s very depressing that it isn’t my dick that hurt but my fingers an wrists. Damn …

Are there any ways to prevent this or what should I do?

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Use a latex glove while stretching, gives you more of a grip and then you don’t have to put as much pressure on the forearm/wrist muscles.

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Have you tried hanging weight?

Later . . LS

Some exercises in the gym really aggrevate my wrists, like straight bar barbell curls. Man, those things kill my wrists. Only thing you can do is avoid the exercises in the gym that hurt your wrists, and when you’re jelqing and feel your wrists hurting, do some squeezes with one hand while the other one rests (just to keep the blood flowing). Then jelq. Then do the squeeze again and let the other hand rest this time. That has always helped me avoid any wrist pain during and after the workouts.

THX esac and SuperStroker.

Jelqing doesn’t hurt, it’s only my V-Stretches which are the most important exercises in my routine, because at the moment I’m only working for my goal length, and afterwards I’m going to do girth exercises.

Nostradomus yeah lately I was thinking about buying a BIB hanger, or perhaps making my own hanger.

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V-stretches would make my wrists hurt after a few minutes, so I know how that feels. Only thing you can do is switch up hands every other rep, or try some hanging.

If your wrists/hands are hurting from the gym, you can make technique more of a priority, if thats a part of the problem. Or use wrist straps if grip is a problem. I took chondroitin and glucosamine for my joints in the past, and it usually helped with any hand/wrist problems I had at the time.

After 3 years of PE and working out at the gym, I have tendonitis in my left wrist. Not that its going to stop me from PE or working out, but it sure does hurt.

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I use lifting gloves with integrated wrist wrap. This will take most of the pressure off of your forearms and wrists at the gym.

I think the best is not to do any manual stretch execises when I was at the gym having an intense work out.

But I only focused on tunica stretching because my lot is under 12 (or I think it is, although it’s hard to believe), so is it worth to get a hanger? Do I have stretch upwards then?

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All the hours in front of the keyboard have made my wrists into hideous mangled mounds of twisted and hardened bone and tendon. They hardly move, but when they do, they sound like a cement mixer full of teeth….

On the upside - they are virtually indestructable!


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