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How to heal PE injuries

Just had a Doppler ultra sound test done today. Caverject injection produced a near 3 hour erection. Fell a dull ache/pressure around PC muscles. Just got a script for caverject. Was pronounced to have no physical signs of ED.

Hi y’all just checking in with my favorite forum. I’ve been having ups and downs but feeling good atm. If any of you know my story I’ve been experiencing some ED for a while. After getting the Doppler test results of “no indication of organic ed” I have been thinking about the power the brain has on erections. If your like me and have been suffering from ED but physical activity and dieting doesn’t seem to help maybe most of our ED is coming from lack of self confidence, depression and obsessive negative thoughts, lack of fantasy (fantasy and anticipation are huge for errections) or maybe you are just not at a point in your life where your a dominant male.

Growing up at the age of 8 I was prescribed Ritalin which I was on for 2 years. I remember very strong erections at a early age and a lot of “free time on the internet”. Anyways as I grew up I was picked on and moved from prescription to prescription. As I have grown and lived I have had periods of feeling asexual and periods of being hyper sexual.

Anyways my advice is it might not be the right time for you to be sextual and any attempt to circumvent this period can be meet with some harsh realities.

Shout out to my boys firegoat and titelist, great guys!

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So has anyone dealing with injuries from using an extender or jelqing healed with just abstinence and rest?

Jes-Extender injury

Originally Posted by CD7777
So has anyone dealing with injuries from using an extender or jelqing healed with just abstinence and rest?

Due to the poor instruction manual of the Jes-Extender, which said nothing of previous warm-up and that mislead instructing the user to pull as far as he could, I injuried myself, at the left base of my shaft, some few months ago. I hope I am still in the process of recovery.

I must say that every time I get a prolonged erection or do anything that it is more than just urinating, the ache returns and stays 2 to 3 days, provided I do nothing with it, else the ache persists.

Hope it helps.

Start: May 2017 BPEL: 19 cm MEG: 15 cm, Curr: July 2018 BPEL: 20 cm MEG: 15 cm Goal: 21-22 cm x 15-16 cm

“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” ―Winston Churchill*

Omar19 what are your symptoms

Originally Posted by CD7777
Omar19 what are your symptoms

Pain on the left base of my shaft whenever I tense the penis, ache whenever I open my legs, and pain after having an erection and the rest of the time it is a sensation of something not being right. There is no pain/ache then, I feel as if it were under some minor tension, the ligament I mean.

I am not quite sure what it the problem is, but I believe, after two months or so, it is starting to heal. Sensation has gone from pain to minor ache. I can have erections now and it won’t immediately hurt.

Start: May 2017 BPEL: 19 cm MEG: 15 cm, Curr: July 2018 BPEL: 20 cm MEG: 15 cm Goal: 21-22 cm x 15-16 cm

“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” ―Winston Churchill*

At least if it hurts you know you still have feeling.

Any ways I’ve been doing pretty good lately.

A different poster on another site thinks I have low testosterone that are causing all these symptoms for me.. idk about that

You could do the 7-8 day experiment. Testosterone is supposed to peak on day 7-8 by 150%. See if you feel hornier on that day and maybe masturbate. I am guessing it’s not testosterone but it’s a mixture of lake of strong erections and depression/anxiety/bad self image/fantasy/libido.

Recently I was able to have sex with no meds (pills do very little to nothing for me). Anyways the lights were off, and I was rubbing her clit for awhile and feeling the mood. I was able to achieve a 85% eq erection and had penetrative sex for 10 minutes. The sex was good (long term gf that didn’t lie and I can read her). Yeah so this was pretty huge for me in relation to EQ and anticipation of sex as well as amount of time sustaining a erection.

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Signs of psychological ED
Live life day to day
No hobbies/don’t enjoy them
Feeling powerless
Can’t imagine having sex
Can’t work/work is emasculating
Drug addict (booze, pot, pills, etc)
Mental health issues (add, bipolar)
Prescriptions (ssri’s)
Introvertion (don’t enjoy others)
No social life

Psychological ED is tied in with pshiscal ED and lack of strong erections can make for bad erections. Like having a weak leg after it has been in a cast for months. If you have psychological ED you may have to work on other aspects of life before your EQ gets better. You might want to join a social club or work on a degree. Maybe switch your job or take up a new intriguing hobbie. You might find these options more enticing if you could truly forget about your erections and temporarily remove sex/porn from your life.

Hey there,

So I started jelqing and stretching.. But I then noticed when I became erect the glans would hurt.. Like a sharp throb kind of thing on the right right side.. Maybe from pulling too hard?? I took 45 off and did not touch my penis.. And finally masturbated again 45 days later.. And it still hurts.. Do I need more time to heal? Or did I mess something up badly?

If you are at a point where you absolutely must ejaculate, you could try ejaculating with your body in a different position, or sitting in a different chair. That may help mitigate potential damage or even help any healing process. Is the erectile pain worse in certain positions than others?

Hi. I hope its ok to post this here. I didn’t do PE for 5-7 days now and today I did again. I’m doing this for a month now 3-4 days a week and I changed my routine 2 weeks ago from the basic newbie routine to 7.5 stretch and 15min jelq. After that today I saw very little blood coming out of my penis whole.. Nothing hurt or anything, is this very bad should I go to the doctor or just rest it? No pain no nothing just the smallest tear of blood came out.

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Hello everyone.
I have a quick question about a possible injury I’ve sustained.

I’ve started dry jelqing maybe too soon (as I don’t believe I was too rough) but have been feeling some pain/ discomfort coming from what feels like my left testicle and above my pelvis slightly (circled in green) . No actual pain in my member. This has been going on almost 2 weeks now and I’ve stopped PE in the meantime and don’t masterbate either. Less than 1 month in experience.

Does this sound like a vein issue that would require a doctor?


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