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Genital psoriasis

Genital psoriasis

So I was recently diagnosed with psoriasis, an extremely itchy skin condition, primarily on my arms and hands. I also have genital psoriasis. In addition to itching, it’s caused the skin on my penis to become extremely dry and cracked. At times it is so bad that it causes open cracks/fissures going circumference wise on my penis (not all the way around mind you). These appear as small open sores on the surface of the skin. As a result, I am often having to go days/weeks without doing anything that causes any trauma to the skin (masturbation, PE, etc.).

Has anyone else dealt with this condition? If so, any suggestions on what to do/over the counter medications that can alleviate things so I can continue PE? Obviously my primary goal is to make sure I’m healthy so “waiting until it clears up” goes without saying. It just seems like there might be a connection between PE (attempting to force your penis to grow) and the psoriasis I’m experiencing (at it’s heart, psoriasis is the result of the skin cells replicating too fast). Any suggestions would be great.

Starting measurements May 31,2012 BPEL:6.4" MSEG:6.25" Base Girth 6.9" My pics

Short term goal---------------------BPEL: 7" MSEG:6.25"

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I’ve had it since I was a kid (on hands, elbows, and knees). Your diet will affect it, the less alcohol I drink and sugar I eat the better. All the medicines they gave me as a kid sucked but idk what the prescribe these days.

I buy an ointment in Mexico that works better than anything else for me: Dermatovate unguento (unguento = ointment, it works way better than the cream). Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

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