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First real injury after 2 years

First real injury after 2 years

I have always performed some total erect jelqing in my routine. I ruptured a blood vessel 2 days ago on the lower right side of my shaft, and down in the lower right side of my scrotum. I did not notice it at first because my hair was hiding it. The spot on my shaft is about the size of a quarter and a dark purple color. The spot on my scrotum is oblong and about the size of 2 silver dollars and bright red in color. I don’t think it is still bleeding, but it looks pretty bad. I have laid off totally until it heels and I am hoping it is nothing serious. If anyone has done the same thing I would like to here from you.

Thanks quest

I quest

Does it hurt, does you dick still work, can you pee and get hard on’s? Do you have all your feeling in it? If all seems like it’s working I would say rest it until it’s gone and than some. If it hurts and you having any other problems you should see a doctor. Good luck


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No problems. Like I said I didn’t even notice it at first because it is covered by hair on the shaft. I am guessing the reason it is so bright red in the scrotum area, is that the skin is thin there. It is probably ok but it looks scary as hell.

Thanks for the reply


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