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First post after 1 year of PE & advice about superficial internal bleeding, bruising

First post after 1 year of PE & advice about superficial internal bleeding, bruising

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here but I have been reading and following for around a year and a half and have been PE’ing for a little over a year. I have read quite a bit of information here and been able to put it into practice, and for that I am quite grateful. I tend to lurk because I don’t really have the privacy or time to contribute much. I’m posting now because I unfortunately would like to request some advice on a nagging injury that has been bothering me for about a month now and would truly appreciate help from more experienced PE’ers.

I believe this would be most relevant in the “injuries” forum but I don’t think I can post there yet.

Some context:
I began PE’ing in May 2014. My goals were and still are increased flaccid size (length/girth), increased EG, overall health (EQ) and stamina. At first, I worked with a simple routine of around 5 minutes wet jelqing working up to 10-15 minutes per day and around 5-10 of manual stretching with kegels (4-5 times a week). I later added in some edging (10-15 minutes). I gained around 0,5” in 2-3 months and realized that I didn’t want to sacrifice certain favorite positions for further length gains, so I considered dropping the stretches. More importantly, I feel that I overworked my unit with JAI stretches/piss pulls throughout the day in addition to 5-10 minutes of stretching plus kegels and I believe that the “resisted” kegels (while pulling/stretching hard) tightened up my already tense pelvic floor. I ended up having my first “injury” in that I would turtle often and suffered a short bout of “hard flaccid”. I dropped the kegels (and stretches) for a while and read up on different stretches/reverse kegels for relaxing the pelvic floor. This worked and I have been doing them ever since, especially reverse kegels and holding a deep flat-footed squat position for time.

After about 4 months I started doing more intense girth exercises like squeezes and higher erection-level wet jelqs. I also experimented with dry jelqs and uli’s (after 6 months). I have had positive results with all of these exercises and have gained around 0.3-0.4” EG over the past year. This probably could have been more if I had not switched exercises as often. I have stuck with a simple wet jelq routine for the past 4 or so months: 10-15 minutes of jelqing with increasing erection level over that time, from 0 to probably 80%. I add kegels because I definitely feel a great inflow of blood and I feel it strengthening the pelvic floor. All of this is to say that over the past 6 months I have definitely done some “higher” pressure girth exercises with decent gains, great PI and no injuries related to these exercises besides minor burst capillaries (tiny spots that disappear within 24 hours, I’ve never had more than 1 at a time).

The current issue:
About a month ago, around 10 minutes into wet jelqing I experienced repeated pain with each stroke. When I looked on the underside of my shaft, I saw lots of spots and some bleeding in kind of a 1”x1” square area below the glans. This bleeding was underneath the skin (no blood on hands) but very superficial, it looked like it was around the same “depth” as the minor burst capillaries I had had, but with so many more spots and actual redness/blood throughout the area. As a side note, while I was at around 75-80% during jelqing, there was very little “give” when I gripped. This has happened often; I know that it is not a good state for moving blood up the shaft but usually goes away after about 20 seconds with no stimulation. However, for whatever reason I continued to move my grip up the shaft and then began to feel the aforementioned pain. I have done this before without causing any issue.

I have only seen threads about blood coming out of the urethra or minor blood spots; I haven’t been able to find a thread about this particular kind of superficial, sustained bleeding. The red spots/diffuse bleeding becomes darker bruising and fades away after about 48 hours.

Now, I believe this may be related to the fact that I reintroduced stretching into my routine around 1-2 weeks before this incident, as I felt that my flaccid hadn’t improved greatly with only jelqs. I started doing 2-3 mini sessions of 4-5 minutes throughout the day to work on the flaccid hang. The area where I grip for stretching is not too far from where the bleeding has been occurring, but it doesn’t seem to be exactly the same spot. I just wonder whether the new pulling around this area could have weakened the blood vessels/capillaries in that area. I don’t see any other explanation for new bleeding while using the same exercise and intensity for the past ~4 months, and having done much more intense exercises before this (squeezes, uli’s) with no bleeding. I use an upside-down O grip for both jelqs and stretches, putting pressure on the CC’s and not the top of the shaft.

When the bleeding first occurred I took a week off (no jelqs or mini stretching sessions, etc.). I tried to jelq lightly the next week but the bleeding started again. I took another week off and decided to only do stretches for 2 weeks to re-acclimate the superficial tissues to this pulling force. PI’s have been good and I have no sign of bleeding/bruising when I just stretch. As a total aside, I feel these mini stretching sessions have been working, I think I hang around 1” longer flaccid and seem to not be tight/turtled at all, although the warm weather definitely helps!

Well, today, after 3 weeks of no jelqing, I re-tried jelqing with very light pressure, no more than 60% erection and only moving up the shaft when the grip has some “give” when constricting the shaft and after around 5 minutes the unfortunate pain/bleeding re-occurred. It once again looks like there’s around 100 little spots in a 1”x1” area, with redness/some blood spread throughout the area. This is around 2” below the glans.

Sorry, it’s a long post, but it’s both my introduction and a question!
My central question is, what do you recommend I do? Stop all exercises (not just jelqing) for a prolonged period of time? I worry a little that if I take another 4 weeks off jelqing, it won’t necessarily help with increasing conditioning and resistance to bleeding and could actually cause de-conditioning. On the other hand, the vessels seem to need time to heal. If stretching does not lead to this bleeding, could I continue doing it while stopping jelqs for a bit?

I’m a bit discouraged that a simple, light movement keeps re-injuring me even though I have a year’s worth of experience and have done harder exercises for some time.

Many thanks in advance for any advice (and some reassurance that this will eventually resolve itself would be nice.)! I also just want to express my gratitude for having a resource like this which has given me the knowledge that I can change certain things about myself if I want and has also made me care a good deal less about my size, paradoxically .

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I can only think that you are using a ok grip; this puts too much pressure on the CS and uretra, causing th blood spots. Apply a C or U grip, meaning that your fingers shouldn’t completly close around penile shaft.

I also have a question in pertinence to an injury and would like advice from more experienced PEers…. Is it normal to feel pain when kegeling as hard as possible at an high EQ when your a high intensity jelqer?

BPEL: 8.35"/ NBPEL:7.0" /EG: Apprx. 5.5"

Marinera- thanks for the advice. I guess it could be the CS, I hadn’t thought of that. Most of the spotting/bruising is probably around the CS, but I do think hat some of it is over the left CC on the side/underside as well. It feels like it’s above either structure because when I move the skin around, the spots and bruise move around with the skin. I have tried the C grip but felt like it put a lot of pressure on the CC’s. I will give it another go and try the you grip as well. I think I will take 2 weeks off jelqing first, though.

Tony- I personally don’t feel any pain when kegeling at a high EQ, I can’t help you much with that one.

I suspect you’ve ruptured or caused damage to a vascular structure. You need to lay off PE for at least a couple weeks or this will continue and get worse. Repeated discoloration(bruising) leads to permanent discoloration. You are not describing 100 red dots, you are describing blood pooling under the skin. The veins in that area have had enough for now and need to rest and heal. Stop all PE for now unless you want a cow spot on the side of your dick. Anything you’ve gained will come back very easy if it doesn’t stay to begin with.

I’ve had this same issue recently and stopped PE for two weeks and it healed. This is my opinion what is going on. I am not a doctor and cannot say for sure. What you are describing is exactly what happened to me and what I detailed above is what allowed it to heal and stop occurring. Rest is your friend, good luck.


Definetely sounds like you should give your unit some time to heal. Nobody knows for sure how long because everyone has individual healing capabilities, listen to yourself and your unit.
I know it’s difficult and even very hard to lay off from exercises, I tend to go over the line to overworking myself too, but remember this: When you cross the line with overworking, exercises are counter productive and that is something we do not want.

This is just a thought and may even not be so good but this came in to my mind:
Try to wear ADS with very LIGHT force during your recovery time? Just to reassure you don’t lose your gains during the break from all the manual exercises.
Of course you have to listen to your body and if ADS causes any pain or hinders remarkably your healing, then don’t use it.

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