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Either a bruise or a big light red spot near the end of the shaft

Either a bruise or a big light red spot near the end of the shaft

I have not found to much info on this. It said in the jelq section that continued PE could really aggravate it and to take 3 days off minimum. Basically that is pretty scary. What is the deal with this? Give it 3 days or wait until it is totally gone? It is light. I got it from using to much pressure but now I feel like I really mastered my technique. It actually hurts when I use to much pressure right on that spot though. Any advice?

Stop doing PE until it goes away completely (and then maybe even a bit longer). Probably nothing serious but you should definitely give it time to heal before working out your penis further. Sounds like its just a bruise.

Also, have you checked out the injuries section? There is a lot more information there if you are worried.

How big is the spot?

It’s about half an inch across by maybe a little less then half an inch tall. There may be another strip shaped one next to it. It’s so hard to tell because it is the exact same color as the circumcision scar and I never really looked so closely at the details before. They are pretty light though. It’s hard to find info in the injury section cause I wasn’t really sure what it was. It sounds like the bruise description though. Circular, near the head ,from jelqing to hard. I guess I’ll wait until it’s gone. That’s so aggravating though.


Haha I have been doing PE for about a month now. I don’t think I am quite at putting pics of my dick online yet. What is the worst think a round red spot could be. It could take a month or more to heal?

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