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Dry skin!

Dry skin!

Hey guys,

Your friendly neighbourhood secjay here again with a question to share around… pass it about now, don’t be selfish:

A little while ago I got some pretty gnarly bruising all the way down the shaft because basically, I was being way too rough.

These big bruises were sort of puffy.
They went away within a day, mostly…

Now there is a dry patch of skin where the worst ones were!! (On the side of the shaft)

HELP! Foreskin isn’t supposed to be dry and crackly! It’s supposed to be soft and smooth! :(

What is the prescription? Should I scrub it good to get rid of the roughness, in the shower say, and then apply moisturiser at night?

You said the dry skin is on the side of the shaft, then you talked about dry foreskin so I am guessing you have both.

I wouldn’t scrub it, that would only make things worse, maybe even bleed. Best thing is to give it a rest and apply Vaseline Intensive Care .

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Wilb, it’s kinda difficult to define exactly where the foreskin starts and the shaft skin ends… ;)

But I’d say it’s the shaft skin if I had to make the decision…

You recommend Vasaline intensive care, right?
What are the main ingredients of it so that I can see if I have something similar around the house already, if you don’t mind?

Vaseline intensive care is just an aloe vera moisturizer I think.

Use any good moisturizer or maybe some vitamin E cream?


VIC lotion contains Natural essential oils, Aloe Vera, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Vitamin E, and Glycerins. It is fast absorbing, non greasy, and hypoallergenic. Feels real good on the skin. I use it all the time on my face after a shave (before or instead the perfumed after shave).

I think you can use any hand/face creams or body lotion.

There must be some old posts by Dance on various stuff beneficial for skin injuries, you might want to do a search there. His favorite ingerdient was Arnica and he also used MSM.

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Thanks mate.
Will do…
I’ve heard alot about this Arnica stuff but never read up on it til I needed it!

Hehe, will pay a visit to the local chemists for something soon to treat my ailing appendage :)

Try cocoa butter. I use it daily to keep my dick skin moisturized, smooth and soft.

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Hey Secjay,

It’s been a while now - any better? And what helped the most?

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Well, I went and picked up a “sorbelene cream” and applied it every day liberally after showering. It seems to have cleared up the dryness almost totally!

One small problem left though - I seem to have weakened patches now!
Places which are quite highly prone to damage. Bummer. I guess they will get better during my time off. I can only hope.

I like coca butter for the dry skin. Plus, it seems to help my flaccid hang during the day for some odd reason.

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