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Damage from clamping - Can you advise

Damage from clamping - Can you advise

Hi gents,

I’m a newbie as far as posting is concerned, but have been reading about & doing PE for a while & achieving reasonable results.

Last week I overdid my routine, whilst clamping & have damaged my unit.

I now have a lump, 0.5” x 0.2” x 0.07” on the underside. This is not a vein, it appears fleshy under the skin. I am not a doctor, but to me it looks like I have ruptured my tunica - does this make sense ?. Has anyone experienced the same ?. Any advice ?. Will it heal ?. Visit to the docs needed ?


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The tunica surrounds the erectile tissues which expand when filled with blood. If you had ruptured the tunica you’d have a sizable bruise or even a hematoma (collection of blood). It’s likely a soft tissue injury or perhaps a lymph vessel burst leaving a small collection of lymph fluid. If left alone it should heal. The body has a wonderful way of correcting these things. Stop your exercises for a week and see how it goes.


Thanks for the info. The injury was done ten days ago & I can’t see much change. As you said, I will wait another week & hope for a reduction in size.

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You have waited 10 days and still have a lump. Personally, I would visit my doctor & get a referral to a Urologist. You don’t want to take any chances with your penis.

Be truthful about what you were doing, so the doctor/urologist can make a proper diagnosis.

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I agree with what West said, it’s most likely a soft tissue injury or perhaps a lymph vessel blow out. It could also be a small T-vein just under the skin. Since you’re from the UK so you are probably uncut. The foreskin is literally webbed with small veins and capillaries, any which could have a small thrombosis. If it is in a thick part of the skin you might not be able to discern the vein but only the lump.

However, if it has gone unchanged for this long a trip to the doc wouldn’t hurt.

Don’t you guys pay through the nose at the gas pump over there for Healthcare? Get it looked at, and please keep us posted.

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R2 & BG,

Thanks for the notes.

The lump is half way along the shaft. This is not a foreskin issue - cut.

I looked more closely at the lump, it is within the skin & light coloured so it can’t be a vein. I will check again in a few days & if no change go to the docs.

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Friday - saw my doc - He thinks this is a superficial injury & didn’t require any immediate treatment. He recommended I monitor healing over the next six weeks & call back if necessary.

I will stay away from PEing for another week or so & consider restarting with a steady build up to my routine after that week - depending on the healing of the lump, of course.

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It’s now about six weeks since I damaged my unit clamping. All is healing well. The swelling is down - almost back to normal with just a small reddish discolouration. I will start PEing in approx two weeks from now.

I checked & length is the same but I have lost girth (0.3”). I hope this is regained quickly & I can continue to my goal - 8.75” BPEL x 6” EG. (8.75” BPEL will give me a useful 8”).

When I reach my goal size I guess I will have to maintain - Can anyone give me an idea on how much maintenance is required ?

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