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Clamped down on my dong a little too hard.


Clamped down on my dong a little too hard.

The other night when I was doing my routine I clamped down on the base of my penis a little to hard and I felt a shooting pain right around that area, but what others have told me is that it was the big vein that runs at the top of my penis where I felt the shooting pain in (but only at the base of my penis). Anyway I continued my routine with no other problems. I’m not in any pain, but that next day after my routine it felt a little weird maybe even a little tender but no pain. When I touch the vein at the base or push on it or put some pressure on it, it doesn’t hurt. This all took place on 6/3/07 so I will be taking a full week off and resuming PE on 6/10/07. Anyway has this ever happened to you, and do you think I will be ok?

Here is a rough sketch of the area that I clamped down on.


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One other thing, when I masturbate I feel some pressure around that area, but not pain. What does this mean!? Should I probably stay away from masturbation for the time being? I am going to do a PE routine this Sunday 6/10/07 because that will be a full week of rest, but if I do feel pain I will rest more. However, if I ONLY feel pressure in that area, but NO PAIN what should I do!

Use heating, massaging and rest. And be very careful in the future!

So you decided to jump straight into clamping after all, rather than retuning your tool back to PE gradually? A lesson learned methinks.

Were you using wrap? It’s easy to overclamp, clicking one or two clicks further than one needs. Leave your unit alone as best you can and when you start back up, try manually clamping to see how your base and shaft react rather than risking the same injury again.

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Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

No no no, I clamped down with my hand to hard, but I was not clamping I was jelqing. Sorry drilla, I guess I should have named the thread “squeezed down on my dick to hard”. Anyway, how long do you think I should rest? One week, two weeks?

Could someone throw some ideas my way? I am just a little nervous, because I don’t want to jump the gun and start back to soon. I am resting a week I dunno if that’s enough? But I don’t feel any pain so I guess it’s worth a shot. However, when I masturbate I feel a little bit of pressure around the area and it’s just a little tight, but no real pain. What does this mean!? Someone, PLEASE HELP! I just want to be smart about this.

You’re right to be cautious. Leave it a week as you suggested and feel your way with gentle masturbation for now. If you notice the pressure subsiding towards the end of the week then you can build on the PE again gradually, if not, leave him a bother 2-3 days. Whatever you do, don’t squeeze him as hard as you did in the first place! At least you know your boundaries al little better.

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

Drilla, do you think that it would be ok if I added one 30 second pull (stretch) to each direction (down, up, left, right, forward).

Drilla one other thing, I masturbated today and I felt a little bit of pressure and tightness, and the feeling lingered even after. Do you think I should still wait a little bit before I jump back into PEin, or do think I should try a session once to see if it hurts at all? If you think I should wait how much longer then!? Please let me know!



Come on someone throw me a bone (Figuratively speaking)! I need some help! I am going to go see my urologist this Thursday for a check up and I am going to ask him about this issue! But can anyone else PLEASE give me some advice!

Viva, nice drawing lol. I would take it easy on that “dong” of yours. Wait for 2-3 days at least until you continue your routine.. Remember you only have one penis! You wouldn’t want to permanently damage it. Best of luck to you, maybe someone else can give you better advice. =)

Stop any form of PE until your penis heals. But do some massageing, it will help.
You can resume PE when the bad feeling subsides, resuming it now is asking for another injury.

And buddy, just chill out. It’s not going to fall off, that’s for sure. But it is a good idea to go and see a urologist.

Well sorrrrrrree for not replying earlier, tragically I was away for a few days celebrating my 2 yr wedding anniversary, I’ll be sure to cancel next year in case you hurt yourself viva. :rolleyes:

Back on topic, sure no problem adding 30 second directional stretches WHEN YOU'RE FULLY RECOVERED.

As you’re still experiencing tightness following gentle masturbation it’d be best to leave him alone as you’re seeing the Urologist on Thursday.

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

Hahahaha!! Drilla, my bad! Seriously I know I have been a pain. But thank you for all your help, and that’s straight from my heart bro!

Oh ya, hope you had a great anniversary! Thanks for canceling for next year! It really makes me feel all warm inside to know you are thinking of me! Haha!

Eureka! I proved myself wrong! Drilla I masturbated again to see if I felt pressure, tightness, or any sort of dull pain at all. Low and behold, I didn’t! This is because I masturbated “Gently”, like you said Drilla! Because you know when you masturbate you get all excited, and that’s what I did the other time. I got too excited and masturbated too hard and that’s why I felt discomfort. However, today I concentrated and really was gentle. Once again, my bad!

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