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Clamped down on my dong a little too hard.


So before you got into PE you never had this pressure feeling? I mean the urologist seems to think there’s little to worry about and it doesn’t hurt. Have a wank and see how it feels.

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Sorry drilla, the UK lingo throws me off sometimes. What did you mean by, “Have a wank and see how it feels.” Did you mean try a PE session?

One more thing, you are right it is not a painful pressure but it is a dull pressure, but nonetheless pressure. I just want to be absolutely sure before I PE again. However, my urologist did not seem that worried about it at and said that it’s ok to have sex.

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If one were to say “Have a wank.” it would roughly translate to “go beat off”.

Of course, in polite company you’d say, “Why don’t you try masturbating?”

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

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Umm.. I have already gave it a “Wank”. I thought you guys were talking about trying a PE session, because masturbating/wanking is not bad for me to do. Especially when my urologist told me that I DO NOT have to stay away from sex. But if that’s the case then why am I waiting for this pressure to go away before I start PEing again? And of course the pressure has been annoying me for the past few days now, and no it is not painful it is just this pressure. I think when I was using my rice sock it was really helping the pressure, why I stopped I don’t know but I am going to start again.

So what do you think guys, should I wait for this pressure sensation to go away before I start PEing or should I just give it a test run to see how it goes?

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Can I get some feedback from my PE bros? Please help guys!

Please Read

Anyway, I went back for check up with my urologist just to double check to see if I’m ok and he said I was! So I started PEing again last week!

I think that this pressure feeling in my PELVIC and sometimes GROIN area (BUT NOT MY PENIS) is something that I’m just going to have to live with. If you don’t know what I’m talking about read the Beginning of this thread.

I always feel this pressure to some extent. Either it is very weak and mild or it can be a little more intense, but it is NEVER painful just sometimes uncomfortable. That is why I took an extra day of rest yesterday because the pressure was a little more intense so I thought it best just to rest it. If my urologist had any reason for concern about this pressure then I would not have started PEing again but he said that it’s nothing to worry about and did not feel like a MRI was necessary.

Now I have not PEed for over 8 months which I feel was a extensive period to wait so I don’t feel like I’m rushing in and my routine right now only consists of 2, 35 second stretches (down, up, left right, forward) then only 40 jelqs and that’s it.

HOWEVER, I have noticed that since I have returned to PEing the pressure in my side has increased. WHAT THE HELL! I AM SO CONFUSED!! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP! I mean it’s been 8 months since I last PEed! Could I have damaged the vein or could there be a blood clot in one of them?? OR could it just be inflammation? There’s no bumps bruising or raised skin everything looks normal but I feel it! Seriously though, Don’t you guys think if something was really wrong or a cause for concern that my Urologist would have said something! So should I really stop PEing again?! I just really need some ideas.


Please can’t anyone help?

Ignoring PE for a moment, does this pressure feel more intense when you get an erection? You say the pressure is always there to some extent, but there is no pain and the urologist says not to let it bother you.

It’s very hard for any of us to come up with candid advice as the issue is internal and only you can discern how problematic this pressure is. Does your urologist know you practice PE?

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Drilla, PE aside getting an erection from what I have felt does not intensify the pressure. When I did a PE session yesterday I went light, Example: Light to moderate grip when I was stretching and I wasn’t trying to yank on my dick that hard when stretching, just pulling Light to moderate. As for jelqing I took the same approach, I didn’t try to strangle my dick or anything just a light to moderate grip. Tell you the truth the pressure doesn’t feel that intense at all today. I think it also helps when I take a couple days off to heal up. That’s why I was thinking of doing 3 days of light PEing and 2 days of rest.

If the pressure is ever bothering me I usually take some Ibuprofen and I use a natural pain relief cream called “Super Blue Stuff” (I know it sounds dumb but I feel it helps) here is the link to it:

Furthermore, I have not told my urologist that I do PE. I know that the medical world (as of right now at least) would not accept things like stretching or jelqing. However, he does know that squeezed down on the base of my penis to hard.

All in all, I’m still confused as what to really do. I mean for those 8 months that I didn’t PE I still had that pressure sensation.

One other thing Drilla, I do notice that when I masturbate I feel a sort of stretching feeling down around my pelvic/groin area, but this is because I tend to prop my legs up against the legs of my desk (damn that was embracing to tell). However, when I have sex with my girlfriend I really notice no intense pressure. Same goes for when I get morning wood no intense pressure.

I was thinking that I could take a week off to see if the pressure subside compared with pressure now. I think if I do stay with PE the key for me is to go light at least for right now.

Originally Posted by drilla9
Ignoring PE for a moment, does this pressure feel more intense when you get an erection? You say the pressure is always there to some extent, but there is no pain and the urologist says not to let it bother you.

It’s very hard for any of us to come up with candid advice as the issue is internal and only you can discern how problematic this pressure is. Does your urologist know you practice PE?

Seriously! I understand that people here are probably not doctors but can ANYONE PLEASE GIVE SOME SORT OF ADVICE! When I start to PE I feel pressure when I stop for awhile it goes away. But when I do exercises like Barbell Squats sometimes I feel it to a degree. COME ON GUYS! I’ve been patient, should I try to PE at least somewhat, or just a light routine?


Thank you.

Thanks Thunder. I understand and I have been to my urologist already (many times). He said the pressure sensation is nothing to worry about and he doesn’t even think it’s worth doing an MRI, and at most it might be a very very slight case of hernia, but probably not. But in all honesty how can I tell my urologist that I do PE!? I mean it is something that they medically don’t believe in. My urologist would look at me like I’m freaking crazy for doing something like PE! But I personally know first hand that it works! But when I injured myself last year I had to take a break.

(To make a long story short I was PEing squeezed too hard at the base of my penis felt a shooting pain stopped but feel a pressure sensation now when I PE but apparently the pressure sensation is nothing according to my urologist.)

But I feel like it’s getting better and since I’ve taken this second short break from PE I feel the pressure sensation a little less.

However, my point is that I injured myself about a year ago and I took a break for that time, but I still feel it somewhat when I start to PE now. Seriously what am I to do!?

This is RIDICULOUS! If it’s NOTHING then shouldn’t I be ok to PE even if I do feel some pressure sensation!?
I guess when it comes down to it I really miss the gains that I had and I want to get them back!


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Don’t do PE for now, and insist on getting an MRI done? You’re feeling pressure in your dick, and PE increases pressure. We don’t want to blow anything up and cause (more) irreversible damage

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Thanks, the pressure is actually not in my dick it’s in my pelvic and pubic region but I get what you’re saying.


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