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Blood in semen

Blood in semen

Last night I noticed my semen was pink colored. When my wife wiped it off with a white towel you could clearly see that it was red. I have been doing some pretty intense erect jelqing, but in the past 2 years I have never had any blood come out my urethra. I am a little worried about it. What do you guys think?


1 quest,

Sounds as if you have overdone it a tad. I’d go easy for a while but also I don’t think it is a good idea to jelq while erect. There are warnings about it on some PE sites.

I’m sure you won’t have done damage.



I have been jelqing erect for over a year now with no problems. It seems strange that the blood showed up in the semen and not when performing the exercises, or before last night. I am wondering if I should wait and see if it goes away or see a Doctor about it? One of the warning signs for prostate cancer is blood in the semen or urine. Also my lymph nodes in my groin are swollen, but I believe that is due to a patch of insect bites I have on my butt from camping last weekend.

Maybe Luvdadus could chime in here.


I once sent my girlfriend into shock. After having done it doggy style I pulled out my dick - and thick dark red blood was all over my dick and also dripped out of her pussy. First she thought I made her bleeding, but in fact I found a tiny wound behind my glans which obviously was the source of all that blood.

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I just did a search on blood in the semen. It seems it is not a serious problem and happens to a lot of men. The cause is unknown, but could be from an infection, trauma, or other things. I think I will take a break and wait it out. If it doesn’t go away in a week I will go see the Doctor.

Thanks quest

No frolicking, to much poison ivy. I think the bites were chiggers that where in my wet suit or on my air mattress. I did get some in the middle of the night though when I was woke up by some partying campers.

It was in the semen alright! It was pink, and all over my wifes chest.




I had the experience of Hematospermia once after ingesting Viagra and going at it vigorously for about 3 or four hours at maximal erection.

I read another posting of yours wherein you mention using it, so I thought I’d ask: Did this occur after taking a blue pill?

Unfortunately, I can’t find just where on the internet I read about it, but I felt consoled when I read an explanation saying that the erectile stress behind the penis and inside the body (around the prostrate) can create some kind of venal breach, leading to this frightening appearance of blood.

Scared the shit out of me, though.

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Prostate blood vessel rupture and Viagra Explanation.

Okay, I found the site where the aforementioned explanation was provided.

Here is the blood vessel rupture and viagra explanation from the bottom of the result set of this search.

A guy writes in asking

On rare occasions, I have blood in my semen, especially when I wear a tight cock ring for several hours or when I use Viagra or crystal. Should I worry about the blood? Is the Viagra, crystal or the cock ring causing the bleeding?

and the doctor answers:

Blood in semen often occurs from a broken blood vessel in your prostate. The blood vessel breaks from the force of your ejaculation. In your case, the bleeding might be caused by the tight cock ring irritating your urethra. It could be related to drug use as well. Either way, I think you should be careful with your cherished anatomy. Try taking off the cock ring and see if things improve. If not, go see a urologist. Take care.

I’m straight, but because this explanation comes from a gay health site where there is an aire of experience with penile matters, I find it a little more comforting than the inane answers I saw on other, more mainstream sites.

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Damn! I forgot about all that cherry Kool-Aid I drank. I’m glad it wasn’t grape I would really be freaking.


As matter of fact I took a bigger than usual dose of the blue stuff. Probably 75mg and went after it for about an hour. Oh! and I did see the doc today because I needed my liver profile checked for the Hep C (every 6 months) and for the swollen glands. Oh happy day! I got my first rectal exam. I told him to take it easy on me I was a virgin. Anyway everything checked out ok, and he said it was probably a ruptured blood vessel. He didn’t say anything about the Viagra though. Thanks for the information I will check the site out.


A minor qualification to be on the safe side.


I hope that I haven’t given you the wrong idea, ass I didn’t mean to emphasize the effect of the Viagra qua drug, but just as the agent that got you such wood that you might have overworked your man and his crew.


I understand…


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