Blood from Vac hanging.

Hi all,
I have been using the Vachanger for 2-3 months
The first 1.5 months I was using it strapped to my leg and apart from the head getting dry-ed out and peeling hours after use all was OK.

I then started to hang with weight, I started out with 4 pounds for about 50 to 60 mins x 3 and after a few weeks moved up to 9 pounds at the same hang times.
That’s were I started to notice a drop of very light colour blood when i removed the hanger. I took a few days off and started again stupidly at the same weight, everything seemed OK and then it came back again a few days later. Again I took some time off hanging and just did some light jelqing.

One day at work after a piss I pulled on my dick to do some stretches and a drop of blood appeared. I pulled pretty hard and the head was just about to burst so
it was bound to happen. I took another day off.

Today I just hung for 1hour straight at 9 pounds and had a drop of blood on tip of penis.
All up about 4 times this has happened.

I decided to come here and write my story of what not to do.

*I stopped warming up. (hot shower or heat pack.)

*I went up in weight way to fast and my hang time was way to long. (With this hanger its easy to go for longer times.)

*When this injury first showed up I didn’t take enough time off. (2 days is probably not enough.)

*When I recommenced I didn’t drop the weight and start off easy. (Went straight back were I left off.)

I am now going to take some time off from hanging and other types of PE until I fell happy I have healed.
And when I re-start start light and stay light.

Anyone else had similar experience with Vac hanging.