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Uncut hanging: Blood in head while hanging

Uncut hanging: Blood in head while hanging

Does anyone hang with blood under the hanger, to get a shoulder to hang on? I can’t get my hanging right unless I do this. Anyone else who does this? I have a Bib but I haven’t used it much due to sickness and lack of time.

I’m cut, so I don’t know how much of a help this would be, but here’s my experience:

I’ve found that the better the grip I get with my bib, the more of the force is applied to the ligs and inner penis— if you’re having trouble keeping it attached try tightening it a little more.

I’ve hung with it far too loose in the past and have had a lot of lymph build-up around the head which I was using as a cushion so that I could hang much heavier weights (this is bad PE practice, I don’t recommend it to anyone (the reason this happened was because I’d broken the fastening bolt on my bib without realising it, and the nut was jamming on the thread so I didn’t get a proper grip— I thought the lymph build-up was normal, but it wasn’t))

Also— I don’t pay too much attention to whether there’s blood in the head, and I have hung when my head’s been pretty full, but as far as I know this isn’t recommended. It’s never really bothered me but I don’t think it’s good to do.

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The term shoulder (of the glans) is misleading, what is meant is the end of the CC’s it’s attached to but the glans itself already looks like it has shoulders.

So DingleDangle do you mean you hang with blood in your glans or in your CC’s?

Originally Posted by DingleDangle

Does anyone hang with blood under the hanger, to get a shoulder to hang on? I can’t get my hanging right unless I do this. Anyone else who does this? I have a Bib but I haven’t used it much due to sickness and lack of time.

Im uncut, and I often did this, but only ever with blood in the CC’s, never in the glans.

Thank you guys. I guess I have been hanging with a little bit of both.. Sometimes it felt uncomfortable and sometimes not.. I can’t belive didn’t consider this. When hanging I haven’t really considered the CS/CC anatomy at all. So this was the information I needed. I have tried to read up as much as possible. Can’t believe this escaped me.

Thanks again! :)

Hobby, Hobby, my cut friend, you are so stubborn in your claim that there is not difference between cut and uncut hanging! I have read about it before, and I wish you were right! I really do.

Unfortunately I know (and many uncut hangers know it as well) how confusing the foreskin can be. I can hardly do more than 3 sets of 20 min of SO hanging (17.5-20 lb.) without damaging my foreskin. I have to cut the sets to 10-12 min in order to preserve the foreskin if I want to do more than 3 sets. And again, for my dick the 20 lb. are like toy, nothing special. I feel the pull (strong one BTW), but fatigue will come first in the 4-th or 5-th set of 20 min. By then my foreskin is damaged so much so, that I have to take a 3 week of break…

I know you would probably say, wrapping, adjustment of hanger is the problem and so on… Theoretically it is possible, but in practice I spend the last 8+ months in hanging, literarily hundreds of hours of trying different wrap techniques, material, hanger’s adjustment (Bib-starter). I feel very comfortable during hanging, no pain whatsoever, even in the foreskin, the pain comes after I have finished hanging – pain in the foreskin.

The foreskin is almost as sensitive as the glans, therefore it is not the same to hang cut and uncut! No offence Hobby!

Just started hanging, maybe two weeks sometimes it is very difficult not to get blood into the glans I feel as long as it is comfortable then its ok (keeping an eye on things to make sure they don’t go black due to lack of oxygen of course) Being uncut there is more to play with when preparing to hang so can see why some have problems but the sensitivity of the foreskin afterwards for me, is fine, I hang with approx 20 pounds and do 3 20 min sets ok, more sometimes

Than again its early days so it may happen to me, hope not.

Listen to your body it will let you know if it is ok to do or not, aching is good, tingles along the shaft IMO good, pain, bad!

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