Blood from squeezing, but not jelqing

Have any of you guys ever experienced this?

I noticed some blood when I began my session last Thursday. I stopped and read this forum, then took four day off.

I start with squeezes last night and the blood comes back (drops). Curious to see if it is coming from my Urethra or Frenlum(sp?), I begin to lightly jelq.

…Nothing comes out. I end up with a 400 rep/jelq workout & there wasn’t any blood at all. I have been stepping up the intensity over the last 2 weeks of my squeeze/jelq workout and probably went to hard on the squeezes.

If I tore or ruptured some of the smaller veins toward the head. Wouldn’t I have drops of blood coming out during a 80%-90% jelq workout?

I will layoff the squeezes for 2-3 weeks and then see where I am at….too bad because they really were breaking a girth plateau I was in.

Thanks in advance for replies.

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