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Originally Posted by MrSlappy
So, this is my first post on here. I’ve been hanging for around 3 years, mainly around 10 lbs for 3, 20 minute intervals a day. I’ve seen gains in flaccid length but that’s about it.

I just now found out how proper wrapping can increase my amount of weight to 15+ lbs

I know this is a no no, but I’ve been using a noose fashion hanger: some theraband, a wristband, and shoelace.

Anyways! This thread is about blisters. I have been adding an ADS vacuum, leaving it on for hours, and I got a water blister on the head about the size of dime, but imagine the dime was proportioned spherically. I used a burned needle to pop it and get rid of the water.

The reason I’m posting on here is because I want to continue towards gains and not lose any time doing PE. What can I do to continue a routine? Would it be bad if I just kept everything 20 minutes and low intensity?

I really hope I figure out how to post on here properly haha. And I am totally prepared to be told everything

I just got another blister on my glans from pumping. This is the first one I have got for some time. I find a combination of heat, moisture and extended pumping at high max vacuum is the killer mix. I water pump and use baby powder under a condom to keep my glans dry and do not apply too much heat. Recently I have discovered my glans capacity to avoid blisters also vary so I will have to be more careful.

Anyway the odd blister no longer worries me much these days. I just stop PE, let the blister shrink naturally (do not prick it), the blister skin eventually breaks and I have a bit of very sensitive skin for a few days. I find I am ready for sex again after a week and pumping a few days later, initially for a shorter duration but I suppose the condom helps a bit.

Have looked at the pics above in this thread and do not regard most of shaft injuries as actual blisters, more like bruises or damaged capillaries etc as others have commented. I have also got a few of these and just let them heal naturally. Small ones have not slowed me down but I regard them as a message to be a bit more careful not to pinch skin etc during PE.

Thanks Austfred, I will take a break from PE and just apply Neosporin for a week.

Update: Now I know for sure— do not hang after an open blister; you will bleed from the blister area. I’m being completely abstinent until properly healed.

Got my first water blister on my glans from the penimaster pro with 10 minutes pumping after. My glans was pretty engorged in the PMP and I felt some irritation, but I had felt it before and don’t think much of it. Anyway dime sized water blister on glans—do I pop it?

Started 6.4" in the tube 2/18. Now 8" 6/10/19 in tube. 6/10/19 BPEL 7.7", BPFSL 8". Began extender 9/4/18, followed by pumping. Short term goal 8" in the tube.Long term goal. 8" x 6" outside of tube. Penimaster rods 11/6/18: UP: 2x.5cm, 2x2cm, 2x4cm, 2x8cm,2x6cm


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