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I've got the same

Originally Posted by James1984
Update: I have done jelqing since then (using my hand instead) and it cleared up by Sunday night :) .

I’ve just got the same problem you have, 2 purple spots on the left side (one more on top the other on the back). I’ve got mine from stretching though (the only thing I did yesterday). I’ve find it a little bit weird cause I didn’t see anyone with injuries because of stretching ? Anyway, I was wondering if I could continue jelqing until it goes away ? That what you did right ?

Guys you have burst a blood vessel, if it moves away from the veins. Give it some time and some gentle massage. The mark is the blood in your skin, a bit like a hickey.

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I’m not sure but they look like little pimples they have little white head could be blisters not sure I use evo oil with comfrey and calendual oils mixed in could be blocked pours any help?

Originally Posted by BoardLurker
Occasionally people can get blisters on their penis from overworking it. Sometimes they go away quickly, other times it takes a little more work. So what should you do if you experience a blister in the most sensitive of areas? What are your experiences?

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Maybie PE injury

You can try this product - if it is available in your location. It works very well, and heals injuries very fast.


Hanging - Blisters

Hello everyone,

I’m from Brazil and I started PE some years ago. When I started my penis was 17 cm length and 12,5 cm girth, now after some years training (+/- 4 years, I stopped and started again several times), I’m almost reaching 20 cm (19,50 cm) length and 13 cm girth.

I had this gains with this routine: warming up, few minutes stretching (30 sec, up, down, left , right) and wet jelq (20 min).

Some time ago I read that hanging could improve my gains so a couple of months ago I started with the “Swim Cap penis attachment technique”. It was ok, but it’s kind of uncomfortable and I couldn’t increase the weight very much, because it was always falling and hurting my glans.

So I read the instructions in the forum and build me a Hanger (the pictures are in this post), It was a little better, though I have troubles wrapping my penis (I’m not circumcised and the hanger sometimes fall when my foreskin covers the glans).

My problem is that since I started hanging, blisters are appearing in the skin of my shaft (the pictures are in this post), they take a long time to heal and leave scars in my shaft (I’m using dexpantenol to heal the skin). They don’t hurt, but I don’t want to have lesions in my penis, they are making me very depressed. I stopped going out after girls, because I’m afraid that they will think that I have some STD.

Does anyone had experience with this kind of problem? How do you solved? Is my hanger ok or should I throw it in the garbage? Any suggestions?

Thank you very much for your attention. I will wait for the comments..

Best regards

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It seem kind of infection, maybe you should stop for a time to treatment.

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I don't know exactly

I am placing this in the thread for blisters because I am not sure exactly what it is. There is a large bump on the skin of my shaft about an inch from the base on the underside. I feel like it might be a pimple because it hurts just like one and there is what looks to be a white head in one of my pores where a hair is growing out. I soaked it in hot water for about ten minutes plucked the hair and tried to pop it. I could not pop it however but it just feels like there is something in my skin which moves around just a little bit. It is definitely in the skin as it moves around when I move the skin so luckily I believe this is not a problem with my actual penis or at least the cavities that help the penis work. Any thoughts?

This is an update on my earlier post. I wasn’t sure exactly what the bump on my penis was but I left it alone for the most part other than heat wraps for a week, no exercises no jelqing. I only massaged it a bit because I thought it might have been a thrombosed vein. Just today after soaking it I decided to try and pop it and it turns out that it was infact a pimple. It scared me before because I thought it was more serious as I could see after I had done my workouts that it got bigger and harder and a bit painful, I am happy to report that since I have popped it I am applying neosporin and expect to get back to the grind in a few days.

Hello everybody. I have little blisters too. For sure no lymph things that I have read about as well. They are small and hmm.well, I would say filled with meat. No water, no blood. I have some on my shaft and 2 or 3 on my penis. I also took pictures, but they are really hard to see if they are even. They have almost penis color. Anyone can suggest what this is?

Blister on circumcision scar

I realize I’m reviving an old thread, but I jumped off of the Injury Index - Important Threads Sticky, and this is how I got here. As a new member I’m limited as to where I can post.

I’ve been at PEing for just over two months now, and this morning I woke up with what appears to be a blister on my circumcision scar at the top. If looking down at my penis, the blister is between the 11 & 12 O’clock position. All I did last night was two sets of stretches in all directions, and the only difference was I put on a latex glove on my right hand as I was experiencing some slipping. It’s possible I may have burned myself with the rice sock when I was warming down, but I highly suspect it’s a friction burn from the glove. I’ve learned that the sock can get pretty hot, so I’m pretty careful with it. I put on some Neosporin, and I’m walking around my house nude to keep the blister uncovered so it can dry up and heal. :-) Anyone here ever get a blister from a latex glove?

Glans Scab Hypopigmentation


I’ve been jelqing for about 10 years with no much gains. A few months ago I started a different routine wet jelq pressing harder. I am Latino and since I started jelqing years ago part of my penis including the glans is darker.

My problem now is that 2 months ago I noticed a pinkish spot on my glans about 6x7mm that peeled a little bit during the first two weeks. Since then till now, it remains the same. Same size, same color. No symptoms, only the different color itself. I stopped jelqing like a month ago or maybe more and still no change. My worst fear is cancer or squamous cell carcinoma. Anyone experiencing anything similar? I am 36 years old. I will try to upload some pictures. Thanks!

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I got a red spot, no pain. It disappeared after few days and came back when I resumed hanging 3.6 lbs with sock hanger.

I tried arnica for few days. Can you guys please help.

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Originally Posted by CurvedStricker
After about a month..
Any ideas?

After 6 months it will still be there just less visible

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Routine After Water Blister?

So, this is my first post on here. I’ve been hanging for around 3 years, mainly around 10 lbs for 3, 20 minute intervals a day. I’ve seen gains in flaccid length but that’s about it.

I just now found out how proper wrapping can increase my amount of weight to 15+ lbs

I know this is a no no, but I’ve been using a noose fashion hanger: some theraband, a wristband, and shoelace.

Anyways! This thread is about blisters. I have been adding an ADS vacuum, leaving it on for hours, and I got a water blister on the head about the size of dime, but imagine the dime was proportioned spherically. I used a burned needle to pop it and get rid of the water.

The reason I’m posting on here is because I want to continue towards gains and not lose any time doing PE. What can I do to continue a routine? Would it be bad if I just kept everything 20 minutes and low intensity?

I really hope I figure out how to post on here properly haha. And I am totally prepared to be told everything


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