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Am I squeezing too hard Developing curve.

Am I squeezing too hard Developing curve.

I’ve only jelqed a few times following the newbie routine and I’m starting to develop a curve 1/2 way up on the bottom of the shaft. I think I might be squeezing too hard half way through the exercise. Has anyone else seen this before and how can it be prevented/fixed? Here’s a pic I made in paint, the curve isn’t that exaggerated but I’m afraid it may reach that point. Thanks.

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I think the same thing’s happening to me; my grip with my left hand is better for jelqing than my right handed grip is.

I’m not sure I’ve solved it, but I try to model my right handed grip to look more like my left handed grip. I also squeeze a little less with my left hand and a little more with my right hand. It seems like the difference in size between the right and left sides of my penis are a little less pronounced than they used to be, so maybe things are evening out.

Thanks. Anyone else?


Yeah just try using both hands to softly smooth things out on your penis.

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Are you using both hands evenly with similar pressure, just like on the video?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you supposed to keep the pressure even as you move up the shaft? (I’m assuming this is the newbie routine, which I’m also still doing)

It sounds like you’re suddenly increasing pressure as you get down the shaft—

I think that’s what I am doing. Next time I will be more careful I am just worried that even if I continue with correct form that the bulge will get worse.

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