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WasDuJetztBist Journal of Things

WasDuJetztBist's Journal of Things

What gets measured gets managed.

I’ve lurked here I think since I was 15. I’m 23 now. I have not stuck with a program for longer than a month, and have never seen any gains. I think I’ve made most of the stupid mistakes mentioned on this forum, probably several times. I still have a black spot from clamping four years ago, and probably greatly decreased sensation, though I don’t know how to measure that. On the bright side, I won’t ever have to worry about stamina.

Wed Oct 9, 2013. I’m laying here right now with a BPFSL of 7&5/8in. I can’t take any E measurements right now, because I can’t get an E. For two weeks, I was hanging for two hours per day in 12 minute intervals with 5 minute breaks. The hanger is similar to Tom Hubbard’s AFB hanger, but with much smaller sticks, and I used a green theraband loop around my foot rather than weights. Over the summer I irregularly used an air pump for up to an hour, in 20 minute intervals, at 7 in. Hg. The previous five days, I used an ADS made of theraband, rubber bands, and twine, for two to three hours per day, in 20-60 minute intervals. For four days, I used a bath-mate for 30-40 minutes per day, but only ten minutes yesterday. I came to realize on Monday, that I cannot achieve a full erection, or maintain a partial erection. I have had little to no physical exercise for the past three months. I will cease all PE activity apart from kegels until Wed Oct 16, 2013. I should be able to get the rest of my measurements then.

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Welcome to the posting side of Thunders Place Wasdujetztbist,

It sounds like you are overdoing it so it’s good that you are taking some time off to recover. Perhaps just start back with the newbie routine and see what it does for you after three months.

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Thanks Behemoth,

Instead of a week, I quit for about a month to give myself more time to heal, then started the Newbie Routine at the beginning of November. The rest of my measurements were 6&1/2 BPEL, and 4&7/8 EG. After one month of the routine, none of those measurements have changed, at all. After I finish the last two weeks of the buildup part of the Newbie Routine, I’ll decide whether to switch to hanging and pumping. I don’t like how when I’m jelqing or stretching, I can’t really do anything else at the same time. I suppose I could listen to podcasts, but hearing Adam Carolla’s voice while I’m touching my penis seems kinda wrong somehow.

I’ll be back in a few weeks.

I measured again after I posted, and found I was at 6&3/4 BPEL. When I measured before I started back in October, I tried to take the longest measurement I could, but I’m still not certain this difference isn’t measurement error. I am cautiously hopeful, though.

Instead of sticking to the newbie routine for a full three months like I should have, after posting I immediately switched to the 101 routines for hanging and pumping for two weeks, which led to me waking up soft for the first time in months, two days in a row. I gave it one day off, And I switched back to the newbie routine, which I will keep until the end of January.

I wanted to switch to hanging and pumping, because even if I started jelqing soft, the base of my shaft would quickly get hard enough that I couldn’t squeeze it for a proper jelq. This made me wait a minute or so between every few tens of jelqs, which made the whole routine take around two hours, in which I couldn’t do anything else. It also meant that even though my penis was alright, my hands were sore all the time. I’ll have to start lifting on my off days, though I suppose I should be doing that already.

In Summary:
Possible gains
Stop being a moron
Newbie routine through January
Lift weights on off days

I switched to wet jelqing with oil (by oil I mean Crisco, I feel stupid saying it, but it’s cheap and it works) for the last two weeks, since it allows me to do all six hundred reps in a semi-reasonable amount of time (~45 minutes). I was worried that I hadn’t gained anything since then, but when I checked again a few minutes ago, I’m just a few hairs short of 7” even BPEL (minus 1&1/2” EL for being fat. I’m working on that too), so my penis was just ruler-shy before. Since there’s still 10 days left in January, I’ll hopefully stay on schedule of about 1/4 in gain per month of manual routines. After January, I’ll add some light Bathmate use, which may or may not improve EQ and girth.

Reading posts by newbies talking about years of failure after failure is really disheartening, so I’m going to try to stay off this site unless it’s necessary.

Also, I’ll try to keep a daily log from now on, so future users can pareto it down to the most useful bits.

At the end of January, I’m now just a bit over 7” BPEL. Now that I’m keeping the log, I think when I was gaining more slowly it might have been because I was missing days and switching to one-day-on-one-day-off. For the next two weeks, I’m going to try using only Monday and Friday as rest days. Depending on where I’m at then, I might try pumping, or add rest days, or take a decon break.

Any advice is always welcome.

I got up to 7&1/4” BPEL mid-February, then killed my EQ by overusing a pump. I quit for about 4 months while I slowly and carefully got comfortable pumping with an STJ (see here). Throughout February, and for the last two months, I’ve been keeping a log of exactly what stretches and exercises I’ve done each day. When I reach 8” BPEL I’ll post all that information here.

Something I’ve found extremely useful, is the book Exercising The Penis: How To Make Your Most Prized Organ Bigger, Harder & Healthier by Aaron Kemmer, available here, and from other sources if you don’t want to buy it from Amazon.

Start: 10/2013 -- 6&1/2" BPEL by 4&7/8" EG

Current: 7&1/4" by 5"

What gets measured gets managed.


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