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The Road

The Road

Let me just explain this thread has no relation to the movie “The Road”.
I am starting this thread as a sort of PE journal like many other Thunder members. So I can better keep better track of my progress and hopefully this record will keep me committed along with my dream of having a better penis than the one I possess now.

My goals will be outlined here along with my routine and my experiences with PE.

-Attaining measurements of at least 7x5.5-7.5x6
-Improving Erection quality to diamond cutting hard
-Increase flaccid size to 5 inches in length
-Increase the size of my gland substantially
-See if my fiancee notices anything changing (I know its not a legitimate goal but hell it’ll be funny if she looks twice when I take off my pants knowhatimsaiyan )

PM workout
-Warm up in shower:5 minutes
-2-3 minutes of stretches
-100 jelqs
-50 V jelqs
-5 sets of 5 Uli #3 jelqs
-5 slow jelqs with concentration on pumping up the glans
-5 minute warm down while doing a Uli hold

AM workout
-5 minute warm up in shower
-Squat stretch
-Around the worlds 10 times
-30 jelqs
-5 sets of 3 Uli #3 jelqs done throughout the 30 jelqs
-Warm down while holding in the Uli

-L arginine
-Fish oil
-Multi vitamin

I made this routine with time in mind. I’m leading a fairly busy schedule with school, work, gym, sleep, and family/friends/girlfriend each taking up most of my day. I decided it would be better to follow a more flexible routine doing this workout 5 days a week and in the PM and AM. This way even if I miss one workout I can either make up for it the next workout or day and just count my missed workout as extra healing time. This routine adheres to the high frequency vs high volume. If I do little more often I shouldn’t over work myself and risk of injury decreases. I’ll be starting routine Monday seeing as my house water heater will be out till then. If anyone has any comments, tips, or hints or just some advice please post it up and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Day 1

Woke up after studying and doing homework all night. Had no time to do PE but I squeezed in a set of 50 jelqs and 10 uli jelqs before going to school

Just now got done doing lab work ready to die.
1 squat jelq and 1 fowfer (laziness included) aghhhhhhhh zzzzzzzzzzzz

Start: 6.5x5

Current: 6.5x5

Goal: 7x5.5

Day 2

Was able to perform full routine but I decided to add a last good squat stretch when my erection subsided

PM- was not able to perform added around the world stretch and behind cheek stretches

Its only day 2 but I can feel my erections returning now to their previous frequency this gives me hope that my method might have some merit but too soon to tell

On a side note I’m going to start incorporating kegels and piss kegels (where I kegel while I pee) and abstain from masturbation using porn while its a week day while it may seem strange I’ve already concluded that my ED came from porn so I’m hoping this curbing of porn usage will help and my reasoning behind the piss kegels is that it will train my PE muscles to get used to normal kegels and allow them to contract more readily and this way it’ll be obvious if I’m doing them right

Start: 6.5x5

Current: 6.5x5

Goal: 7x5.5


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