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Thank you and goodbye to this forum

Thank you and goodbye to this forum

Thank you guys for all the sharing in this forum. I have been doing PE since 2012. I seem to have some progress which 1-2cm in length but not at all in girth, although my urologist friend said it’s impossible that PE would work.

I think and hope that tonight is the last time that I do PE, because I just found additional 3 bruises on my penis with 1existing obvious bruise that hasn’t gone away for about a year. I will post the pictures later.

The reason that I want to quit is not because PE doesn’t work. I think it works a little to me, but it just takes so much time, and the result is not that much. What makes me really want to quit is that PE could potential hurt your penis. So, I would rather accept the fact that my penis is small, but to run the risk of hurting myself permanently. I would rather my penis is small than it’s slightly bigger with obvious bruises.

At last, I would like to say good luck to people who are still fighting, but please be careful, and don’t hurt yourself. Also, I would like to share some words with you. That is, if you feel bad because you see other people are better than you, then you will never be happy, so learn how to accept yourself, which is our life-long lesson, isn’t it?

We wish you well. I would expect a urologist to say it doesn’t work.

A bruise that’s been around for a year needs attention. Good luck.

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Bye mate.

Wish you luck and all the best.

Check that bruise.

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Cannot imagine how bad you have to mess up to wreck totally your penis … never heard of it actually (permanent damage from PE). Little injuries happens to all of us and it is part of the progress. If you not injury yourself is because you are not even trying.

Sacrifices and choises man.

PE takes precious time and is destined to people that consider their penis more important than anything else.

Have a good one.

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Goodbye mate.But,PE works without any doubt.good luck

What doesn’t work with PE is trying to hard and that might have been your problem based on the injury problems you describe.

In any case, after quitting PE I really think most of that damage is going to fade away.

If by any chance, you start again, just don’t try so hard.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

What the heck did he do to cause bruising - I’ve never had a single bruise and I am at the extreme end of the PE scale, my only guess is some jelq or torture device to clamp and twist the lil fella - neither of which I incorporate

I’m sure you have seen someone or a Urologist about that bruise? But if you haven’t, then please do so immediately. If you have, then get a 2nd opinion on it, try to do more to help it if you can.

Maybe let us know more about that bruise or what you have done about it? As there have been side effects to PE here posted, and I got a swelling last year which caused me to stop for 2-3 months. We would like to help.

Thank you for your advice though. Side effects to PE is a big concern to me and I worry that I will pay for any length increases I’ve had here by getting bad things happening to my penis later on. (I’ll check this forum for other posts or threads about side effects with your reminder)

It’s a shame that no matter how fit, good looking, smart or funny we get there is always someone better, and that includes penis size. Yeah, I think all we need to do is reach a stage where who we are or our developments gets us what we want, and nothing more is needed or missed.

I hope your bruising goes down though. It may be a sign of overworking it, which may mean that the rest may let yourself heal and your penis be ready to increase or just increase on it’s break. When I frustratedly took a break last year I was happily shocked to see my penis finally grow it’s first 1/4 inch over that break period.

So I wish you all the best, and maybe you may actually still find that.

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Hurt yourself?, the main thing in PE it’s not to let that happen, what did you do?

Anyway, have a good life.

Adiós, bye, Tschüss, au revoir.

Sorry to hear about your injury, but get it looked at ASAP. A person’s health is more important than a larger penis. Good luck

If you continually bruised yourself it was not PE that didn’t work; it was you not working PE as it should. Heal and take care.


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