Stats and history

A year ago I still had great 7” hardwood with a slight, but straight, not curved, uprising. It got that way mainly from frequent use sexually (6x a day.) I have Parkinson’s disease and got some bad fibrosis from a medicine and, geez.. Losing your wood to a flop.. It goes beyond tears. I truly understand now why a buddy of mine was on the verge of suicide until we found ULTRA-PGE1 injectable and transdermal. Neither of us could get erect with any other product as normal Trimix and PGE1 simply is not carried well enough past the fibrosis, but ULTRA-PGE1 is by using a transdermal solvent safe for injecting.

After much research (I am a Ph.D. Research scientist) I found DMSO treatments for fibrosis and am improving more and more each week. I am back to about 6.25” and, geez, it is freaking THICK. The best fibrosis treatments turned out to be advice from the ULTRA-PGE1 inventor who said to use a small amount transdermally to keep things slightly enlarged and stretching then let the DMSO, iodine, and other additives do their work. Ever since then, I am amazed. My fibrosis is down to just a few hard knots and a plate on the top near the base. Only about the last 1.5” of the tip does not get as hard as I find pleasureable (none of my penis is solid wood without ULTRA yet, and I have tried Trimix for Travel, trimix injections, etc.) but some of the ultra on the tip transdermally or 2-3 drops in the urethra and I am all set.

Given the fullness effect, I may use small amounts daily transdermally for many years. They say as transdermal it can be used as many times a day as you desire, but once is enough for that “show off” look in my case.

Doubt I will post pics. If anyone needs the recipe for fibrosis DMSO, just PM me, but, warning, I have notifications on but not getting them. ULTRA-PGE1 saved my buddy from suicide and me from huge depression and is available commercially or DIY recipe if you can get the ingredients. DMSO with some additives is kicking fibrosis out and gets rid of my buddy’s herpes outbreaks overnight.

Goals? I can easily (with time) probably get to 7.5” bit I like to bury it and my gf is small. The girth is great. I may go back to pumping to see if it will break up that platelet on top.

Any advice?