Progress Report

Hi there PE Community

I have been doing PE for 5years, and after consistent exercising of my cock.

I have gone from 6”length to 7.5” and

Girth from 4” to 5”

My cock now hangs lower due to me stretching the frontal ligament. My doctor says even my testicle volume size has gone from 3 to 4. ( They have plastic ball replicas to show this) He also says my erections are much harder.

Keys to my success is

• Have the attitude that PE is fun.

• Read a lot

• Don’t measure more than once a month

And if you can’t see gains, just remember

It’s not always consistent sometimes gains are big,

Especially in the beginning, then sometimes there’s no more gains for a while then sometimes large gains happen at once

. I won’t mention all the obvious stuff that is covered in the forums

• I actually hate the hot towel thing, I just do it in shower or bath

. Be careful with lengthening exercises, I actually try to do both girth/length at once. There’s no point trying to rip your cock out at the roots to get length

. Realistically see it like a university degree, it takes three years not a month.

Very minor injuries I have had are some minor blood vessels burst. I gauged the seriousness by the pain which was minor

If it’s a sharp pain swallow your pride and go straight to emergency, better a bit of embarrassment than a permanent injury.

In cold weather do it in the shower, in hot weather (at your own risk) warm you hands and you can do it with just lube, or I prefer coconut oil.

I am happy to answer any questions

If anyone is interested I am happy to post pics of my cock with the ruler and tape measure to show my gains

Have fun with it,

Trent from Australia

PS Please read the injury section before starting

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