New To PE and Looking For A Little Help

Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone could be of assistance to me. I am very new to PE and have only recently began thinking about it.

I had a look into the subject before and went as far as purchasing a male edge extender, which I used on and of for a little while but never really found the time to do anything productive.

I started working shifts and bought a house which lead to even less time.

I have just this minute purchased a bath mate X30 after reading extensively into their benefits and intend to use this as a major part of my PE journey.

I will be using for everything from warmup to length and girth gains using the stretching method and was wondering if being new to this whole thing, would it be too much to use both devices together. I mean I don’t have too much time anyway so will focus mainly on the bath mate but if I add in a couple of extender sessions weekly will this help or hinder my progress ?

Would I be better off jelqing right after instead of using extender to begin with or what ?

Anybody that can shed some light on this for me, it will be greatly appreciated.