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Nate's Progress

Nate's Progress

Wow, I am just in awe right now.
I PE’d back when I was 18, short term, now I am 26. Back then I gained about 0.5 inch in 4-6 weeks.
Well since then I had lost from .25-.5 inch. Not sure if I remember exactly. I used a basic jelqing routine.

Well, on a whim after having a less than fabulous talk with my fiance, I found out she had a ex that was large. Now she has always told me I was the perfect size, and even before I knew about him she had said she was never really into sex before me.
I make her cum pretty regularly from penetration only. I was the first to get her off orally.
But we all know that this is still pretty harsh on the ego.

So I decided to start back. I bought an extender and used it seminary irregularly with no more than 4 hours in a day.
Haven’t been jelqing, just manual stretching in the shower.

Starting ( about 3-4 weeks ago)
BPEL: 5.5 inches
EG: approximately 4.8 inches

BPEL: just under 6.25 inches
MEG: approximately 5 inches

So, with my new motivation, I’m thinking about continuing the extenders, stretching and adding jelqing.

What do you all think?

Keep going. Awesome gains!


Morning shower stretches
Extender ~ 2 hours
Warm up and Jelqing for 200 reps

Flaccid after jelqing was awesome.

I’m in a similar boat. How has it affected your relationship… sex life etc… The revelation. Did you have some anger etc?

I think she was being honest about our sex life. I was upset for a couple days. I still think about it a little, but I am fairly confident that I am way better in bed.
We have pretty great sex, and I know I have opened up her sex life quite a bit. Plus, I’m not sure how much bigger I want to get. With a lot of foreplay, she gets extremely turned on. Really wet. I can usually last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. She gets pretty sore. It still takes a little effort to get it in.
She very occasionally will bleed some.
She is also on the brink of letting me do anal.

Today was 4.5 hours of extending. Sets of stretching between extending. Heat between sets.
Warm up with rice sock.
250 wet jelqs.
Edging for about 45 minutes.
And now I am going to crash.

I am in a same situation with my girlfriend than you, almost same size too. The difference is that I am her first guy in bed. And I have all the things you already mentioned up there.

But the issue with the bleeding is easy to avoid. It happens because of a lack of lubrication. I do oral sex for almost 20 minutes to my girl before starting sex, and even like that sometimes she’s not lubricated enough and used to end sored and bleeding a bit. But, I started applying natural lubricant on my dick at least three times during penetration, and soreness and bleeding ended. And she started enjoying it even more, and being more attracted every time even more.

I think oral sex it’s the save for any guy, little tool, medium tool or big tool. To give great oral sex is the first thing you have to worry about today if you’re a guy who wants the max pleasure of a woman.

And as I see you achieved it, so congrats man. And keep PE.

26-Nov-2014 (sin la consistencia que quiero)= Flac: 10 cm. Erection (BP): 14 cm. / NBP 12.9 cm. / Girth (Grosor): 12 cm.

Short term goal (Meta a corto plazo): 15 cm x 13 cm. Final Goal (Meta Final): 20 cm. x 16 cm.


Did about 4 hours in extender. Sets of stretching and heat between hour sets.

Warm up
300 wet jelqs

I measured, too soon I know, but I couldn’t get 6.25 just a hair over 6, not sure if it is EQ. I was pretty hard for that measurement

Also, measured BEG yesterday at 5.25”

However, I have been using ephedrine, caffeine stack to cut weight in the gym. I noticed it was incredibly difficult to get an erection, so I have decided to stop all stimulants. I’m also going to cut back on alcohol.

I think the reason I’m having trouble measuring 6.25 is because of EQ issues from the stimulants.

At least 4 hours extended

Warm up with 300 wet jelqs

Morning shower stretching

AM shower stretching

PM warm up
200 wet jelqs

I do around 50 kegels a day, with 5 second holds.

I was getting some breakdown on the skin from the extender. I may give it a rest for a couple of weeks.


Shower stretches
200 wet jelqs

Well. I haven’t been posting consistently here. I have been all over the place with my routine. Changing it regularly. Not getting workouts in.
It has been a disaster! I ended up taking a week off due to a skin issue (still not sure what it was, but I couldn’t jelq). Then I got back, seemed like I had lost some girth, kind of went a little nuts doing squeezes, etc. Lesson learned, slow and steady wins the race.
I am coming in at around 6” BPEL and ~4 7/8” MEG and ~5” - 5 1/8” BEG. My BPFSL is about the same as BPEL maybe 6 1/4”.

Well, I think I am going to put the extender away for a while and focus on manual stuff.

Here is today:

Dec. 5th, 2014

Rice sock warmup: 10 minutes
Stretching (Each 30 seconds): Down, Up, Left, Right, Rotary, BTC, then repeat for a total of 2 sets.
Wet Jelq ~60-80% for 10 minutes
Warm down with rice sock: ~10 minutes + 50 quick kegels and 10 slow kegels (10 seconds each)

And that is it.
I am going to try and keep it simple.
The plan is to slowly increase the stretching to 4 sets total and jelqing to 30 minutes total.
The plan is to do this over about a months time.

I plan on doing a 2 ON/1 OFF schedule.

I also will be measuring monthly. I also went crazy with the constant measuring.

Last night I edged for ~25 minutes with a cock ring —> blew my load.

Today had amazing morning wood, like explode out of my skin for around an hour!

Dec 6th, 2014

Warm up 15 minutes with rice sock
Stretches (using corn starch for grips): D, you, L, R, Rotary, BTC then repeat (Each held for 30 seconds)
Wet jelqs (Using olive oil): 10 minutes at 70-80% EQ (Each rep is ~ 3 seconds
Then cock ring edged for 30 minutes solid, tried so hard at the end to get close and hold it off but I went past my PONR and blew my load. Got great expansion though.
Then warm down with a shower and 50 quick kegels. Followed by 10 slow kegels (10 seconds each)

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