My penis enlargement diary want to 7''at least

Greetings from turkey

First time ı saw penis enlargement techniques ı was 17 and don’t think its work because of these bitch doctors saying ”only surgery” after ı think what ı lostıf ı try these techniques. Nothing!. This is the one of the biggest right choice ı have ever select. At this time ı was about 13 cm and don’t satisfied with that. ı Don’t remember my first routine because don’t think ıts going to work. But whatever ı do ı gain 2 cm in 2 month ı was surprised and loved that after that ı start searching much more find sites and forums like thundersplace. Now ı am about 16.5 cm and don’t satisfied yet want to at least 18 cm or more and can’t gain anything in +6 month. This thread is my diary to road of 7” . Still didnt try any device and want to try extender or hanging.

Hope ı can success.

Note: sorry for bad english.