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Mr.F (Progress Report / Log)


Mr.F (Progress Report / Log)

I’ve returned to Thunder’s Place after about 8 years away. I returned sporadically, once or twice, maybe three times, but this time I’m back in the hope of making continued progress.

One major factor in my return to P.E. is that P.E. gives my life focus and structure where otherwise I wouldn’t really have any.

In terms of my size and length I think what I have is generally sufficient for pleasing a female partner and I’m not sure that I really need to be any bigger in that respect, but, due to how my life is, I’m in all probability going to be single for the rest of my life, and my life is such that I rarely ever have sex if at all, so now I’m just enlarging my unit so that I can enjoy it on my own.

I’m hoping that the time away would have let the tissues in my penis settle back into a more pliable, mutable condition, and that I might be able to make at least another half inch to get me to 8bp inches.

Should gains come fast enough to make further development cost-effective, in terms of the time and effort I’d need to expend to achieve it, I might actually continue on past 8bp”, but that remains to be seen. I kind of have a length to girth ratio I’d like to hit without exceeding 6” in girth.

My starting stats at time of writing:


BPEL: 7.5 (19cm)

It’s no accident that I’m more or less bang on 7.5”, it took a massive amount of effort to get to that length with diminishing gains having slowed to almost nothing. The moment I felt I’d safely cemented 7.5” BPEL I stopped. At that point growth was happening so slowly and I’d been practising P.E. for such a long time that it was just getting too much to bare. I was, at that point, what I felt was way past the point of diminishing returns and just didn’t see sense in continuing.

I have to say my routine was neither subtle nor nuanced and just involved hanging as much as I could for as long as I could. Not something I’d ever do again or ever recommend.

In the time I spent away I didn’t loose any of my cemented length. I suspect my girth is the same also, although I don’t remember what my girth measured when I stopped, I believe it was the same as it is now.


5.75” (14.7cm) Base
5.00” (12.5cm) Mid-shaft: 5
5.25” (13.3cm) End of shaft (below glans)

My Current Routine:

I’m currently following the Newbie routine 2 days on and 1 day off with a two-hand, overhand jelq into which I’ve incorporated ballooning to try and even out my shape.

In addition, I’m using a Penimaster as an ads at around 460 to 690 grams and trying to wear it for as much of the day as I possibly can, with just short breaks to promote blood flow.

Projected Progression for My Routine:

I’m going to continue wearing the Penimaster as stated while increasing the intensity of my routine as stated on the newbie routine page. Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine

Advice and critique of my approach/routine is welcomed. :) Thanks :)


10 mins of 3-second, 2-handed, overhand jelqs with ballooning incorporated to promote an increase in mid-shaft girth.

Used an oil-based hair pomade for lubricant as it was the best I had to hand. Am going to switch to Vaseline at first opportunity (cash permitting). Gel-based lubricants dry out, causing me to have to stop and re-apply.

Jelq’d in the bath after soaking in hot water. Worked okay but lack of porn made it difficult to maintain partial engorgement. Will switch to jelqing at my computer using porn. Will purchase an infrared lamp at first opportunity (cash permitting) to warm up before jelqing.

5 mins manual stretches.

x50 5-second kegels.

Was using my mobile phone to time myself. Rubbing mobile phone on t-shirt to remove wet fingerprints and hair pomade broke the mouse sensor on phone (it was an old blackberry), so, now phone is only partially operative.

Need some kind of alternative timing device. Will pick up at earliest opportunity (cash permitting).

Now also need a new phone.

Been wearing the Penimaster since getting up, only stopping to practice manual P.E. and to intermittently promote erection, so as to flush blood through my member to avoid numbness and the inherent threat of potential tissue death.

Will continue with Penimaster sets until it’s time to sleep.

Penimaster Set 1: 1hr 34mins (690 to 460g)
Penimaster Set 2: 1hr (690g)

Newbie Routine*

Penimaster Set 3: 1hr 37mins (460g)
Penimaster Set 4: 1hr (460g)
Penimaster Set 5: 45mins (460g)
Penimaster Set 6: 45mins (460g)
Penimaster Set 7: 53mins (230g)
Penimaster Set 8: 54mins (230g)
Penimaster Set 9: 42mins (460g)
Penimaster Set 10: 51mins (460g)
Penimaster Set 11: 44mins (460g)

* Between Penimaster Sets 2 & 3:

Jelqing: 10 minutes 3-second, two-handed, overhand jelqs, ballooning incorporated for increase in mid-shaft girth.

Manual Stretches: 5 minutes (cumulative) newbie routine stretches.

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Penimaster Set 1: 1hr 46mins (230g)
Penimaster Set 2: 1hr 6mins (230g)
Penimaster Set 3: 41mins (230g) Broke off for bathroom break.
Penimaster Set 4: 1hr 5mins (230g)
Penimaster Set 5: 50mins (230g)
Penimaster Set 6: 1hr 54mins (460g) Broke off for bathroom break.*

*Rather than fatigue throughout the member, I was previously breaking off due to painful dorsal nerve behind the glans. I switched to angling the Penimaster upwards so that it rests on my stomach. The result seems to be that the stress is taken off of the dorsal nerve, allowing me to stay in the Penimaster much longer.

I increased traction as I didn’t feel like I was actually getting a pull now that the stress had been taken off of the nerves.

Penimaster Set 7: 54mins (690g)
Penimaster Set 8: 51mins (690g)
Penimaster Set 9: 39mins (690g)
Penimaster Set 10: 60mins (460g)
Penimaster Set 11: 58mins (460g)

Been reading about IPR protocol and probably going to change up my routine…after I’ve finished the newbie routine.

I’m going to chart my (hopefully easy) gains as they come, then once the growth slows, take a decon break and switch to IPR.

So this what seems to be going on, plus my path forward:


BPEL: 7.5 (19cm)

5.75” (14.7cm) Base
5.00” (12.5cm) Mid-shaft
5.25” (13.3cm) End of shaft (below glans)


BPEL: 7.625 (19.367cm)

5.75” (14.7cm) Base
5.00” (12.5cm) Mid-shaft
5.25” (13.3cm) End of shaft (below glans)

25th, 27th October
200 3-second strokes (10 minutes)
10 x 30-second stretches

29th, 31st October; 2nd & 4th November
267 3-second Jelqs
10 x 35-second stretches

6th, 8th & 10th November
334 3-second Jelqs
10 x 40-second stretches

12th, 14th, 16th, 18th November
401 3-second Jelqs
10 x 45-second stretches

20th, 22nd, 24th November
468 3-second Jelqs
10 x 50-second stretches

26th, 28th 30th November & 2nd December
535 3-second Jelqs
10 x 55-second stretches

4th, 6th, 8th December
602 3-second Jelqs
10 x 60-second stretches

I’m fluctuating between recording a non-cemented, BPEL of 7.625” & 7.7

That’s an increase (non-cemented) of 0.125 to 0.25 over the ten days since I resumed the practice with the newbie routine plus ADS.

These feel like newbie gains but I have to stress that my first time around I didn’t use manual P.E. either consistently or at all extensively, I just went straight to an extender and from the extender to hanging, so…I can’t confirm that I would have achieved newbie-type gains this second time around (after the 8 year break) because I might still have the potential for newbie gains that I didn’t exploit the first time around.

My instinct is that, after so many years away newbie gains should probably be anticipated. I had ligs of steel by the time I finished my hanging regimen and now I’m feeling definite stretching and growth in the ligs just with manual pulls.

I’m a little OCD about measuring, so I’m confident that the growth I’m seeing is reliably accurate. I seem to be fluctuating between 0.125 & 0.25” growth, previously measuring with an extra 0.25 growth following a session and ADS but this morning I measured the extra 0.25” straight out of bed before any exercise. I think this is a good sign that growth is in progress.

Girth hasn’t seemed to have changed.

I’m increasing my high intensity interval training to every other day.

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Completed my routine today and blew out another vein. Very nasty bruise. Now back in the ADS

I clamped prior to jelqing to try and inflame the tunica to help length gains. I think this might have something to do with the vein blowing out.

I tried clamping up the shaft, but need to modify my wrap. I’m going to superglue strips of neoprene to the clamps to make things more manageable. It should be much simpler that way.

My pinch-pulled measurement today is 8.25” Obviously I want the expansion to continue, and if I can get the newbie gains I didn’t get the first time around, that would be amazing; but if I can get to a pinch-pulled 8.375” I’ll be happy.

Classic PE theory would advocate continuing until gains slow to almost a halt so as to cement the gain and then take a decon break.

I think what I’m probably going to do, if the gains actually continue, is proceed with the newbie routine until gains start to slow and then switch to a Macro-P phase, followed by a three month Macro-R phase then resume with the newbie routine to see if I can get more gains that way. If I see no improvement in the first couple of weeks I’ll assume that the newbie routine has given me all it can and do a two week Macro-I phase, followed my a Macro-P phase, etc.

Otherwise, if I’m stuck at a pinch-pulled 8.25 with no more gains for the duration of the scaling of the newbie routine, I’ll switch to Macro-P, followed by Macro-R (three months) and then resume with multiple cable clamp clamping, progressing up the shaft clamp by clamp to emphasise length gains, and probably some high pressure, cyclical pumping just with a regular hand pump, to see what it’ll give me.

I’m hoping the pumping should go some way towards preparing me for truly rapid high-pressure pumping PEFF style should needs be.

I’m concerned I may hit my length goal before my girth target. I’m going to have to monitor things and probably vary the exercises to make sure I at least get close to my ideal size.

The lead wire for the cock-coils arrived today, it’s stupid heavy, so much so that I feel like I’m holding something that defies the laws of physics. I have the heatshrink tubing but I’m probably not going to have the privacy to make the coils until Monday.

I’ve got the bolts etc. for the Tiger Trap and have a plank and edge mold on its way to me, as well as a long axe-handle for Bucking Bronco stretches.

Tested out my lined cable clamps today and they worked a treat.

I clamped one as close to the base as I could get it then clamped the second behind that one.

I then clamped a third and fourth, each at half an inch gap working my way up the shaft.

That’s about as far as I can go with them without clamping on the widening section of the distal end which I’m hoping won’t develop at the same pace as the base and mid-girth.

I’m hoping that, this way, the base and mid-shaft will grow faster than the distal end so that things even out a little. Also, this exercise is reported to develop the glans, which is my primary motivation for the newbie jelqing.

Every other clamping set I place the first and second clamp as above, but then remove the first clamp leaving just the clamp closest to the body at the base. I then attach clamps advancing up the shaft with a half-inch gap between each. This way, by offsetting the clamps every other set, I hope to increase the areas of stress on the tunica.

After four sets with the clamps I tried to mimic high pressure short duration pumping with just a hand pump, and I’m certain it must have had some kind of effect because the intensity of the stretch gave me second thoughts as to whether I’d ever be able to cope with PEFF pumping.

I stopped short of the point of lymph build up.

I’m now back in the a.d.s.

I want to start shifting my focus towards gaining girth and enhancing the glans, so it’s going to be the newbie jelqing and spaced clamps progressing up the shaft, for me, from here on out.

I feel like I’m very close to my ideal size now and I don’t think it’s a specific, arbitrary measurement any more, but rather the size and shape I feel happy with, and I’m beginning to feel like I’m almost there.

I seem to be moving into that size-range now. When I stopped I was just at the point where I felt like I was moving into the zone in which I wanted to be, but my tissues were so thoroughly conditioned that I probably couldn’t have gotten another millimetre. Now, after this very very long break, I seem to be gaining again.

I don’t know what it is about the extra 1/8” gain but I just almost feel like I’ve got a new penis, even though it’s almost certainly not yet cemented. An added effect of this shift in perception is that I feel like I need girth.

I feel very long and thin, and I’m worried I might not be able to get as much girth as I’d like before exceeding the point at which I’d feel too long. Hence the shifting of focus towards exercises that promote girth and the development of the glans as well as length. It was always my intention to work on length before switching to girth and I’m at the point where I want to switch, if not only to see what length to girth growth ratio I’ll get with the girth exercises I’m going with.

I’m still intending to build a tiger trap as I don’t want to become complacent with it and I’m not going to take these gains for granted.

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Damn, this is gold. Lost nothing from 8 years brake and back into gaining! That’s so great, keep going!

Also was your flaccid really big before pe also, 7 inch flaccid to me sounds like crazy big??

Originally Posted by HenrikL
Damn, this is gold. Lost nothing from 8 years brake and back into gaining! That’s so great, keep going!

Also was your flaccid really big before pe also, 7 inch flaccid to me sounds like crazy big??

Hi. Not sure where you got the 7” flaccid figure?

To measure my flaccid length I pull at the frenulum using thumb and forefinger and stretch to get a bone-pressed flaccid measurement. That way I’m measuring 8.125 to 8.25.

I don’t actually measure my flaccid hang.

Also, yes, I didn’t loose anything over an 8 year break but I was hanging really heavy for a really long time. Basically hanging heavy like it was an ADS and my gains had ground to a halt. I’d never recommend it to anyone, but it seems that it might have been successful in cementing my gains.

After the 8-year break my ligs do seem to have reverted back to I guess a newbie-like state, and just manual stretching is enough to give me a real workout. When I stopped hanging all those years ago I had ligs of steel and what must have been a fully conditioned septum.

I have to say that I didn’t do the newbie routine all those years ago; I went straight to an extender and from there to hanging, so I might still have newbie gains waiting that I didn’t exploit the first time around. Also, it’s possible that the portion of the length that people might loose after years of not doing P.E. might be the newbie gains they made through jelqing. I’ve never had a significant loss of gains, and I never performed an extensive or focused jelqing routine, before now.

But the problem with that is that it’s just one data point and there aren’t enough controlled condition results to confirm it; it’s just a hypothesis.

I can’t say categorically, for certain that I am gaining again although all the indicators suggest that I am. I won’t be able to say for certain that I am for at least another couple of months at the soonest.

My gains at this stage, if they are indeed gains, seem to be coming from the lig stretching, as I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be seeing these kinds of results from a couple of weeks of jelqing.

Hope that helps.

This is a fascinating thread. I have a question, when you experienced the diminishing returns before, how long did you continue before you stopped? Do you recall?

And then this time around, are you looking to favor duration and keep the tension low for as long as possible?

Originally Posted by Buckfever
This is a fascinating thread. I have a question, when you experienced the diminishing returns before, how long did you continue before you stopped? Do you recall?

Thanks :)

To be honest I don’t really remember how long I was hanging for to cement the gains. It would have been the recommended length of time for cementing gains with hanging.

I carried on past the point at which I probably should have just stopped (I was barely gaining anything) because I was so close to measuring 7.5 and wanted to hit that length so much that it made me just keep on, also I rationalised it by telling myself I was cementing 7.375.

I just about got to where I could just brush a bone pressed 7.5 at full engorgement (without clamps) and then just continued stretching to try and cement it, which in hindsight did seem to work (I just never questioned whether cementing worked; it would surprise me to learn that the majority loose length even after cementing).

I was so sick of hanging at that point that I just wanted to stop but I kept on because I’d done so much work to get to 7.5 I didn’t want to loose it and I also wanted to verify that my gains had in fact dried up, which they had.

As soon as I got through cementing I just stopped and swore that I’d never hang again.

On one hand I was disappointed because 7.5 was the lower threshold of what I wanted to measure but on the other hand I felt okay about it because all of the reading I’d done seemed to point to 7.5 being a very good length and close to an ideal in real-world terms, although there are people here who would dispute that. I say I was okay with it because I always wanted to be in at least the 7.5” to 8” range and although I’d achieved a lot I hadn’t quite made it to where I wanted to be.

I have to say that the way I was hanging gave me bad back problems. I literally couldn’t bend forward or to the left for a long time because of how painful it was and my pelvis would hyperextend. Also by the time I had finished I was close to impotent and my penis may as well have just been a piece of cord I used for hanging weights on.

I had to do a lot of stretching and a lot of yoga, plus a lot of sitting with my pelvis angled in an opposite inclination to the way it was previously hyper extending before I could get my back working properly again.

In hindsight I can see it was a dumb thing to have done and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I’ll never hang weights that way again, even if it means no more gains, it’s just not worth it, and if I can possibly avoid it, I’ll never hang weights again full stop.

Originally Posted by Buckfever
And then this time around, are you looking to favor duration and keep the tension low for as long as possible?

This time around I’m using the IPR protocol, so basically the opposite of long duration. I’ll be taking the longest recommended Macro-R phase (three months break). I’m actually in two minds about continuing with the newbie routine, as the clamping and pumping I’ve been experimenting with today and yesterday is quite extreme and close to an IPR I-phase intensity. I might actually postpone the use of clamping and pumping until the potential gains from the newbie routine have dried up and then implement an IPR I-phase, than a P-Phase and then the 3-month R-phase. I’m almost certainly going to do it that way because I need to know if the newbie routine is going to work for me and if it does what the length to girth growth ratio is going to be. If the ratio works out so that it will get me to my length x girth target I’ll resume after the IPR R-phase with the newbie routine and see if I can keep gaining with it.

Basically I want to use as little force and as little intensity as possible to create growth. I went the route of trying to ramp up force and intensity as fast as possible the first time around and my gains just ground to a halt. IPR theoretically gives us a method whereby gains are only limited by time, but conditioning is still a factor. I don’t believe gains can be accelerated by increasing intensity, I think that just leads to faster conditioning.

I’ve increased my ADS / Extender tension to 920grams / 2lbs and will, from now on, be trying to wear it to promote fatigue throughout the day. I’m wearing it under an infrared lamp.

I’ll continue to do this as long as I’m still practising the newbie routine.

I’m slowly but surely gathering everything I need for IPR, but I seem to be gaining with just newbie exercises.

If I continue to gain at the newbie rate I may not actually have a need for the IPR equipment I’m putting together.

I do seem to be gaining, I measured an increase in girth as well as length today.

My length is still fluctuating between 7.625” & 7.7” but I measured a 1/16” inch improvement to girth today.

I’m going to be keeping a close eye on things. If I can theoretically get another 1.5” because of the break I’ve taken, it seems I could potentially hit a bp9” (if I wanted to).

I’ve just finished my routine for the day and am back in the ADS under the infra red lamp.

I’ve added extra rods to my extender and am applying a traction of 2.5 lbs / 1150g, which seems to be enough to give my unit a work out.

2.5lbs / 1150g is the extent of my extender’s pulling force. If I want to pull any more force than this, I’ll have to upgrade to a Size Genetics extender. For the moment I’m going to stick with my current extender (a Penimaster). I have two extra bands left for it and I’m hoping they will see me through to at least the end of the Newbie Routine (or at least until my gains from the newbie routine start to slow), at which point I’ll be switching to ADS as nothing more than a means of keeping my penis elongated.

I’m currently in the middle of putting together some cock coils but I’m tempted to stay seated to continue using the Penimaster because of the IR lamp. The drawback to this is that it’ll limit my activities and there’s stuff I need to get done.

I do seem to be gaining, although I have to say that I have also put myself on a strict, low-carb diet and am melting fat pretty rapidly, so I’m concerned that that might have contributed to the increase in my length measurements.

I’m going to keep on practising as I am and to keep measuring to stay up to date on how my gains are coming along.

If nothing else, I did seem to measure a 1/16” increase in girth, but that was after a some quite extreme clamping sessions, which I’ve now put aside until I can confirm that the newbie routine is producing growth for me.

I think I might need to rethink my current program.

I just comfortably measured an unmistakable bone-pressed 7.75”

I think E.Q. was a missing factor.

Thinking I might just switch to multiple clamps for girth and see what length it brings with it, because, at this rate, I’m going to hit 8” before I’ve gained another 2/8” girth.

Also, measured tighter around the base to compensate for skin etc and it seems I’m probably closer to 5.5” around the base and not 5.75”. I was pulling the tape extra tight at mid and top of shaft to verify my recent 1/16” girth gain and then pulled as tight at the base and it came out at 5.5 instead of 5.75.

If that’s an accurate measurement, which is something I need to double check, this makes my girth 5.5” at end of shaft, 5.0” mid shaft and 5.5” at the base. I think that’s going to ultimately be my shape, just larger. Maybe 6” at end of shaft, 5.5 mid-shaft and 6” at the base. I can’t clamp without clamping at the base so the extra growth the clamp creates will grow the base; I’m also going to be clamping mid-shaft to increase the mid shaft girth. The distal end of the shaft tends to always grow wherever you clamp, so, in an effort to get the base, mid-shaft and distal end to grow at the same or a similar rate, I’m avoiding applying clamps to that part.

I need to take the time and effort to get a solidly reliable base girth reading. It’s too late and I’m too tired to do it now, but I will have to do it once and for all to be sure, because it looks like I’m going to need to switch to clamping and quit the length work, for risk of overshooting my length limit. Currently my goal is more of a limit (that limit being no more than 8 x 6). I guess that means I’m nearing the end-game where I try and co-ordinate gains to hit my ideal size.

I need an accurate base girth measurement as I thought it would be having to limit base girth growth that was going to be the most restrictive factor.

I think switching to multiple clamp clamping, starting at the base and working up the shaft is, at this point, probably the way to go, as it’ll promote length while at the same time increasing girth. If it’s giving me length faster than I’m getting girth, I’ll switch to multiple clamps with a clamp applied at the distal end before applying clamps to base and mid-shaft, to try and limit longitudinal growth, but that may mean extra girth at the distal end of the shaft, which I want to try and avoid.

The mind’s a funny thing; I’m closing in on my PE goals so fast (in relative terms) that I’m at risk of overshooting, and all I can think about is how I probably needn’t have bought all of the PE gear I thought I’d need for IPR.

I guess I’ll have to keep track of things and see if the gains might slow, but I’m not sure they’re going to. I’ve returned to Thundersplace after 8 years away as a studied veteran PE’er with a 7.5” (now 7.75”) newbie cock.

Now I need to get some sleep. I’ll measure base girth in the morning.

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