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My Journey Begins Here

My Journey Begins Here

Started manual stretching and jelqing routine two weeks ago. Three days on one day off schedule.

I’m not following a strict routine but rather am experimenting with different grips for jelqing and various stretching directions.

One of my main goals is to straighten my curvature. On a scale from one to ten, 10 being a 90 degree angle and 1 being absolutely straight I would describe my curvature as a 20 degrees to the left starting at about an inch from the base and continuing throughout the entire length. If I’m able to achieve nothing more than the straightening of this curvature from PE I will likely gain a bit of length and be happy.

That being said, I’m also interested in gaining length and girth. One question I’ve been asking myself is what will my goals be. Set them too high and I’m worried that I will become discouraged over time. Set them to low and I might justify stopping altogether because the difference between my starting point and end point won’t be enough to motivate me to stick with it and put the time in.

I’ve decided not to try and quantify any possible gains by measuring until reaching the six month mark because I know myself and don’t want to become obsessed with it. Plus, if I do realize gains after six months they will make a bigger impact psychologically if I see all of them in one shot versus drip, drip, drip over time. After reading a lot on this site I’m convinced that half the battle with PE is the one inside your head.

So with a mere two weeks under my belt I can honestly report that flaccid my penis looks a little plumper and the boners looks ever so slightly larger. I know that without measurement it is impossible to prove any gain and that I must maintain a certain level of honesty with myself to judge my progress by eye only. I’m OK with that. Therefore whatever progress I’ve made so far is enough to inspire me to continue with the routine and also continue to experiment.

Thoughts After 5 Weeks

OK it’s been about five weeks now. Due to my somewhat erratic daily privacy time I’m not able to follow a set in stone schedule. So I’m opportunistic and grab my PE time when I can. Continuing to experiment with different jelqing grips as well as stretching. Had a couple of times when I could really feel the soreness in my ligaments. I’ve also starting to try some clamping and clamping/jelqing combo with a not full erection. So far this combo has given me the most post PE flaccid size.

One question I have: Is there a correlation with post PE flaccid size and proven growth over time?

My last session resulted in the largest yet post workout flaccid size. After letting it rest about an hour I looked and was surprised at just how big it was looking. As for gains I’m still sticking with my plan to do no formal measuring until the sixth month mark however I have done some on-the-fly measurements but I try not to take them as bookable gains because they vary depending on my level of erection.

That being said I am seeing visual results and also tactile results. It looks bigger and is also starting to feel bigger in my hand. If I was able to stick to a more structured program I’m positive the results would be greater but again, my schedule does not allow this. This situation is OK because I know that I’m the kind of person who gets bored quickly with too much structure no matter what activity it is. In order to stick with it over long periods of time it’s important for me to not only see actual results (which I am so far) but also enjoy the process and know that I’m learning along the way.

Psychologically speaking I definitely felt an increase in confidence after two or three weeks when I was able to see a change in my dick. Even though the change was small it was, for me, at least partial proof that PE can work and I think that on a subconscious level this is a big hurdle to overcome. Accepting that it can actually work, as long as your willing to put in the effort, is a big step towards solidifying the commitment to stick with it. But almost as fast as the confidence comes I can adjust to that new level and start thinking: If I really put my mind to it dramatic gains are possible. But there is also the “gotta do it even when you don’t feel like it” aspect that comes into play. Anyway I’m trying to use my erratic schedule to my advantage.

As far as clamping goes I’m still figuring how to do it. I use a plastic cable clamp and a strip of neoprene as a wrap. The best result I’ve had so far was being able to get an erection level I’ve never experienced before where my dick is literally so full it feels like it’s going to explode, but not in a painful sense. Another question I would have concerns jelqing and bending during a clamping session. Is this a good idea? I feel like after five weeks I have a pretty good idea of what my dick can and can’t withstand and clamped jelqing really seems to be effective at delivering a post-session flaccid pump that lasts quite awhile.

If anybody can give some input concerning these two questions I would be grateful.

1.) Jelqing and bending during a clamping session. Is this a good idea? Has anybody had good results this way?

2.) Is there a correlation with post session flaccid size and proven growth over time? Should I stick with whatever gives me the best post workout flaccid size?

1) It can be a good idea. If you have hit a plateau with the newbie routine or other girth exercises and are not growing at all. For people who have taken the time to condition their unit for it, it can be good. Otherwise clamping itself is risky… adding other exercises while clamped is even riskier. I would say over the years, if I had to rank which exercises are the most responsible for serious PE injuries it would probably be doing X while clamped. If you absolutely refuse to hold off on clamping until you are better conditioned (6 months or more). I would make sure you are no more than 50% erect while doing any sort of clamped exercises. The real danger with clamping is that you can easily injure yourself before you even know anything is wrong. At that point it is too late and you will be setting yourself back, maybe permanently. (i’ve read about injuries taking over 8 months to heal).

2) I don’t know of any proven correlation. There can be permanent gains in flaccid size from any sort of PE. As far as using it as an indicator of growth when erect, I don’t believe you can.

Current 5.5 NBPEL x 5.75 Base EG - 5.25 MSEG 7" BPSFL

Short Term Goal 6 NBPEL x 6 MPEG

Long Term Goal 8 NBPEL x 7 MPEG (why not dream BIG?)

Thank you for the input.

I will heed your advise and back off the clamping. I’ve plenty to work on with refining my stretches and jelqs as well as continuing to condition for other techniques down the road. The thought of injuring myself without even being aware of it is a sobering one.

Finding My Way

I joined here last August and did about two months of jelqing and stretches. I did see slight changes, nothing substantial, but for reasons I can not remember now I stopped doing any exercises on a regular basis. About four months ago I started to jelq and stretch again. Nothing methodical or structured, just when I had the chance and the mood struck me. I did this for about two months without really thinking about or measuring for results. The reason being is I know that I don’t usually do well with overly structured regiments of any kind. In order for me to stick with something I have to incrementally graft it into my daily routine slowly, and in an organic way until it is just something I do, until it becomes part of my life.

After two months of this I started to experiment with hanging low weight using my own home brew hanger. It took me about one month before I felt comfortable with the set up and my wrapping technique. Last year when I started I literally had no private time during the day except for late at night. But circumstances have now changed and I will have several hours most afternoons within which to do what I want. So as far as PE goes I now have much more private time available. I’m still working on my technique and learning to read the signals coming from my body as well as reading and researching PE in general.

I try to hang three to four twenty minutes sets each day I can. I also do dry jelqing and various types of manual stretching whenever I can, and these opportunistic sessions do add up over time and I think they are helping. My BPFSL, was 6” last August around the time I stopped doing any type of PE. After two months of hanging regularly and four months of opportunistic jelqing/stretching I’m now measuring 7” BPFSL . So I think I’ve made some good newbie gains most of these I’m assuming are from stretched ligs. When fully erect I can absolutely see and feel these gains, but I have not measured myself hard mainly because erections be different each time and I want to go with BPFSL as my measuring standard. I would like to be more scientific about the whole process, as that would be more helpful to the community, but it’s just not in my nature.

My flaccid hang has improved in terms of actually hanging down. One of the biggest reasons I started getting interested in PE initially was because I found it uncomfortable to have the very tip of my head rub against my underwear because much of the time I had very little flaccid hang. Although it didn’t happen all the time it was an annoying physical sensation and also a psychological hang up because I would get mad that my dick wasn’t long enough to not have this problem. Hopefully this problem will be resolved entirely at some point. I’ve also noticed some minor girth gains, but I’m shooting for length first and am not that interested in measuring for it at this time. My curvature looks to be about the same.

I plan on continuing what I’m doing currently as it seems to be working. But I will also continue to experiment because I find it interesting and will adapt or change when my progress flags. One quality I’m trying to cultivate in regards to PE is the idea that you just have to keep at it, keep learning and trying new things and never give up. Because like most things in life, great results only come to those who are willing to put in the time. Prince one said, in response to being called a genius, that in his case the “genius” consisted of 80% effort and 20% talent. In other words: he never would have been as good as he was if he had not spent the time practicing and developing the talent he was born with.

I definitely have hit some kind of wall at 7” BPFSL.

After reading over hanging guides here the most obvious problem is my overall time spent hanging per week. Although I have more time now I have to be more disciplined in routine. Over the last month I’ve probably been putting in no more than 4 hours total hang time each week and this is not enough for me to progress beyond my gains so far. Having more free and private time it’s become easy for me to wind up skipping a day here, another there. Before I know it my total hang time is half of what it should be. This is very fixable.

I also believe that as a result of not hanging every day that some healing as occurred and is likely hindering me to some degree.

One thing I have noticed over the last month is that while my length gains seemed to have stopped, my girth seems to have increased. I don’t measure for girth since I’m not working on it. But there has been a small but noticeable change. I’ve been doing a stretching exercise for the last two months or so, I grab around the base with my left hand and then bend the top half of my penis down using my right hand while creating a kind of fulcrum against my left hand. My thinking is that this will help to keep my ligs stretched between sessions. But I’m starting to wonder if this exercise is responsible for the girth increase. So I have stopped this stretching exercise thinking that if it is causing unwanted girth increase, a thus making it more difficult to realize more length gains. But I will remember this exercise and possibly use it in the future when I am going for girth.

I’ve also begun applying heat in between sets.

So yes, I’ve become a little frustrated. But I will continue with these changes and see what happens. I still have my gains thus far to enjoy and inspire me to further dedication. I will continue to record my journey here.

It’s been about two weeks since my last update.

I’ve been focusing on consistency, wrapping technique. Both have improved significantly. I’ve also been using my wrap material to keep my flaccid member extended but not stretched post hang for 2-3 hours to avoid turtling. Also have been trying different pelvis positions for short periods while doing BTC.

Question: Is it better to max out ligs with all angles at one weight before increasing the amount? Or focus on increasing weight in one position like BTC and then focusing on other angles one by one starting at a lower weight?

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