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I'm tired of feeling less, it's time for progress

I'm tired of feeling less, it's time for progress

Hey guys, I’ve been lurking the forums for a while trying to make up my mind if I should start or no. The thing is, I’m rather scared for all the problems a lot of people seem to have, but I really want the benefits of PE. I did try it last year I think, but I dropped it in the same week. So this time I’m in for good.

So, a little about me. I’m 20 years old, going to be 21 this year. My current penis size is 6,8” BPEL x 4,7” EG. I’m starting PE because of my frustration I live in my sex life. I diagnosed myself with premature ejaculation, but I know it’s not a physical deficiency, because there have been times where drunk I could go about over an hour (I think twice or trice) but that isn’t enough for me, on a regular sex encounter I won’t last past 10 minutes, and that is going very slowly about it. Also I could never give vaginal orgasm to a girl, that I know of. I have a healthy diet and go to the gym regularly, so my physical state is pretty good, but on the psychological side, I’m very anxious and often insecure.

This is the routine I will follow, I planed it to be very safe and for a steady growth. Since I’m just a newbie I would like some input about this plan.

-5 min. Warm ups before and after.

I will split the week into two parts, Monday (1) and Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (2).

Week 1: (1) 10 wet jelqs. (2) 20 wet jelqs.
Week 2: (1)(2) 20 wet jelqs.
Week 3: (1) 20 wet jelqs. (2) 30 wet jelqs. Stretching 30 sec, e/a direction.
Week 4: (1) 30 wet jelqs. (2) 40 wet jelqs. Stretching.

And so on until week 8 when I will be doing 80 wet jelqs and stretching, then I will see from there.
I will post my progress every Friday night.

Welcome to Thunder’s man.

Following the instructions and recommendations you won’t be facing any major problems.

Have a good one.

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Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

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It looks like a good routine for a newbie, never forget to listen to your penis as he might need more or less according to how PE agrees with him…especially at first.

I which you the best taking on this journey, it helped me A LOT with my insecurities, It should do you wonders if you stick to it. Plus you start at a very good size…give it a year or two and you’ll be ” la salchicha grande” !

Good luck.

Start : BPEL 6.1 MSEG 4.6

Now : BPEL 7.8 MSEG 5.4

Fac E Spera

Welcome to the club,

Routine looks good. I look forward to hearing about your newbie gains ;)

Good Luck!

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Current Stats: BPEL 7.75¨ x MEG 5.6¨ (16th Jan 2018)

The Dream: BPEL 8.1¨ x EG 6.1¨ (Not sure if the wife supports ¨the dream¨)

So, I didn’t forget to post, I just didn’t find the time. Thanks for the replies guys, @Picodon you made me laugh lol. Anyways, as I expected still not much difference, but I’m doing a minimum workout so it’s fine, progress will come in time. Although, I feel good after a workout, like I’m doing something right, and it’s a nice feeling, I can’t wait until I start seeing my dick grow. Well, I’ll be reporting back again this Friday (hopefully).


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