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Hulk's PE thread.

Hulk's PE thread.

Hey guys,
I’m a lurker in this forum for a few month now and finally want to engage in the community.
First of all I’d like to thank all, and especially the veterans, for giving my healthy perspective on my dick size. When I started looking into male enhancement I did so because of very very depressive thoughts about my dick size. I’m 25 years old now and only lost my virginity recently because I was ashamed of my dick size. I think most of this anxiety came from heavy porn consumption over many years as well as being an Asian guy living in middle Europe. When everybody is saying Asians have a small dick etc. Thought I’ll never be able to satisfy a girl in bed. Anyway you guys helped me getting this into the right perspective. Mind that I was about to give up on all this sex and relationship thing and accept been alone for the rest of my live. Today I only see PE as a hobby like fitness, self-improvement, or just another goal I work towards – this is a way better viewpoint! Thanks so much for opening my eyes.

Let’s get to my experience in PE!

Measurements before PE:
NBPEL: 14,5 cm (5.71 inch) I’m very lean so there is no fat pad.
EG: 11,5 cm (4.53 inch)

NBPEL: 17,8 cm (7 inch)
EG: 15 cm ( ~5.9 inch) Very lofty goal I know.

Started (very stupid) with hanging in Sept. And Oct. ’14. With one set of 20 min. / Day and very heavy weight. Because this Male-hanger guy told me to do so. Gained 1,5 cm in this two month. But I stopped because so much heavy weight felt dangerous. We’re talking about 20+ lbs. The other forum I visited before Thunders was just filled with idiots without any knowledge about PE. Thankfully nothing happened I don’t have a corpse dick now.
After that I stopped all PE in Nov. And Dec. ’14. The problem is that I feel now my dick might be too conditioned to stretch further at lighter force. Hopefully my dick got a bit deconditioning in those two month break.

Since the Jan. 1st I use the Penimaster for 4hrs a day (in 1hr. Increments/ full force) and 30 minutes wet-jelqing to keep EQ high. I work in a very high demanding job 14+hrs sometimes 7 days straight. So I can only wear the ADS in the morning and evening. I’m planning this routine till end of February ’15. In March and April I have kind of vacation as I change jobs. So I might get into hanging like instructed here in the thread “Hanging 101” but only if I can’t yield any gains in the two month with the Penimaster.

Overview current routine:
Penimaster: 4 hours/ day/ 6 days per week
Wet-Jelqing: 30 minutes/ day/ 6 days per week

Other than that I take care of my general health by going to the gym 3 times per week. And eat a healthy diet. In winter I try to stay at around 12% body fat and under 10 % in the summer month. I cut out most of the alcohol and all caffeine (expect on cup on Sunday mornings). That really improved sleep quality which can only help with gains/ recovery. My supplements are Fish Oil, Zinc and Vitamin D3 in winter month.

I plan to update this Thread every 2 Month!

Change of Plans

OK, the day of my initial post I kept reading in the hanging section.
This got me so fired up again about hanging that I stop Penimaster and get
Back into hanging. I also measured BPEL for the first time and there is indeed
A difference compared to NBPEL even when you’re really lean. The new hanging routine is
4 Sets am and 4 sets pm for 6 days per week. On Sundays only 2 sets.
Starting at 5lbs on 01-23-2015. Nothing else just piss pull every time I visit the toilet and a set of
Clamping and some jelqing before I meet with my fuck-buddy (usually once a week). Created an Excel-Sheet as well to stay on track. Wish me luck on my way to 7” NBPEL.

Before PE:
NBPEL: 14,5 cm (5.7”)
EG: 11,5 cm (4,53”)

After 2 month hanging in Sept./ Oct. 2014:
NBPEL: 15,9 cm (6.3”)
EG: 11,5 cm (4,53”)

- Break from Nov. 2014 till Feb. 2015 -

Start Hanging again 01-23-2015
NBPEL: 15,5 cm (6.1”) - lost 0,04 cm
BPEL: 16,5cm (6.5”)
EG: 11,5 cm (4,53”)

Next update: 03-22-2015 (60 days)

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