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Greetings to everybody

Greetings to everybody

First off I would like to let everybody know what an inspiration you all are!!
This has got to be the best PE community there is.
Its really moving how everybody inside this community is concerned for each other helping and encouraging, and thus I was convinced that I myself would too start my own journey in PE within this community =)

My name is Alex and I’m 23years old this year. I’ve had few girlfriends in the past and my main motivation is I want to pack a little more size for a little extra fun. Size does get in the way when attempting certain positions..

I haven’t got pics yet but ill soon take a few to begin Logging My Progress.
Today was my first day starting with the Newbie Routine, and I have my doubts as to whether the technique was correct or not.
And another issue is, my penis get too hard from jelqing even once or twice(past the ready for penetration point).so I tend to rest a lot in between jelqs( today it took me about 25min to get 50jelqs.), I don’t know if this is a problem or how it should help it.

The initial stats(roughly) are as follow:
BPEL: 5.7”(I’ve had better erections hitting about 6.5” but only on very hot summer days hahaha)

My Ideal Goals are(regardless how long it may take):
But I’m happy with seeing any result at all haha

From what I’ve been reading around I think girth part will be tougher than length..

Any advice is appreciated!

Ahh and I forgot to mention a few things too,

I have very tight penis skin, I don’t know if this will prevent me from achieving the greatest growth potential from the exercises.
Any suggestions or advice?

Hi Alex and welcome


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