Goin4GoldiCocks Routine And Progress

Hey guys, I’ve been doing PE for about 10 months now and have had some gains. I wanted to post my current routine, stats and gains.

I want to reach my length goal before focusing on girth. I’ve heard that length is easier to gain if you have less girth and I seem to gain it quicker than girth anyway.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

10min heat pad warm up
10min stretching
30sec out, up, down, A stretch x3
30 cranks x 3
30sec bundle stretch x3
(Sometimes I do DLD boasters instead of this or a shorter combo of the 2)
10-15min girth
V jelqs
Overhand jelqs
30-69sec ulis
5-10 min hot wrap with keglals (or hot shower)

I started at BPEL 6.5 x BG 4.25
Now I’m BPEL 6.9 X BG 4.5

The goal is EL 7.5 X MG 5.5