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Ah, I see, thanks. So the sleeve actually covers the head and hangs off a little, and that’s where the cable is attached?

The sleeve covers only my glans, moulded into the end of the sleeve is a plastic loop; the sleeve comes with an elastic chord attached to the loop on one end, and on the other a leg strap for ADS. I just undid the knot from the leg strap and tied the chord to my cable clamp instead.

There is ZERO slippage with this setup using up to 8lb, I’m not saying it slips at heavier weights, that’s just as far as I’ve taken it.

As I said in a different post, I wouldn’t recommend using the same sleeve as me if your glans are under 4.5” in girth.

Okay, I get it now. Thank you, much appreciated. I’ve only just recently started to look past manual methods, so I’m not too familiar with the different tools :)

I’m from sweden guys, could anyone explain to me, or show some pictures how the hanging product looks like? //

Sophomoric congratulations. Its rather amazing, is it not?

12/10, Bpel-7", Mseg-6", Beg-6.3"

07/11, Bpel-7.85, Mseg-6.5", Beg-6.9" My routine and pics here

Originally Posted by Sophomoric
Thanks everyone.

I know it’s controversial but I question the design of the bib hanger, a lot of the force is wasted stretching the skin, when it is in fact the internal structures which should be taking 100% of the force.

I used to think this as well but realized I wasn’t wrapping right. I’m now hanging 16 lbs and don’t feel any skin stretch, I did when I was wrapping wrong though.

Oh and congrats on your gains :)

Any gains are good. Grats! :) 7.4 BPEL is good enough.At least for me.

When you get a BJ, life is good


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