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Day 12

Day 12

Ok, I’m kind of new here and I wanted to get you guys opinions. I’m on day 12 of using the sizegenetics with the velcro mod and I think it’s actually working. Normally what I do is I wake up first thing and I strap it on, then I’ll crank the tension all the way to the last line and wear it like that for as long as I can. Then I’ll take it off and put it back on and back off as the day progresses. Anyways when I first measured my BPFSL I was a smidge over 7 inches. This morning my BPFSL is past 7.5 inches. I haven’t measured my BPEL yet because I feel that that is dependent on EQ. Now I’m not too sure if the gain is simply from FINALLY finding a way to strap in with no slipping and that is what it always was stretched or if it is indeed gains. I’m still skeptical so you guys understand. If I hit 8” I’m going to be so fucking happy!! What do you guys think? It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get a good baseline but I was desperate so I wasn’t really measuring.

Today is day 36 and since my last post my BPFSL crossed the 8” mark right at the 2nd line after the inch line, and I have had to add an extension. Routine is same as before, I’ll wake up, strap it on with the stock and longest (and now all 3 extensions that came with it) connection and crank it all the way out (almost all threads showing when it was just the 1 bar) and wear it like that for 1-2 hours (as long as I can stand it) then take it off, and put it back on as the day progresses. I have had no days off. I also got a semi decent BPEL measurement and I was right around the 7.5” area. I’m pretty fucking stoked actually. It’s said that there are no increases in girth, and I haven’t taken a real measurement, but there is definitely an increase in girth as well. It’s visibly noticeable. Oh yeah, and I am a smoker, cannabis and cigs, and binge drink when I decide to drink.

I would like to share some things that I have learned about using an extender. Maybe it’s been covered already in another place but oh well. Number 1 is that trying to use the stock headstrap absolutely did not work. I needed probably 1 more notch to get the grip that I wanted. My sizegenetics didn’t come with a noose strap either so I used some airline and although it worked and gripped decent enough it was painful, and would gradually slip out. Finally I found the velcro mod and after the modification I was able to get the pressure I wanted. Next thing was that after extended periods of time I would get a burning sensation around the base ring. I noticed that it was being caused by flashing around the inside of the base ring so I smoothed that out with my rotary and it was much more comfortable to wear. Although I had ground the flashing off I was already accustomed to gradual pain so I had gotten used to wrapping cloth around the base ring to help with the problem. Last and most importantly I think is the actual wrapping of the shaft. It is absolutely crucial to get a good grip or you’re wasting your time and all your measurements will be wrong. In the beginning I tried a cut up wash cloth to wrap it and it worked slightly but it would bunch which would lead to slipping and cause pain over time. Next I tried a sock thinking that maybe it was the material and no change, no matter how tightly I tried to wrap it, the material would always bunch on me compromising the hold and leading to pain. Finally I tried some elastic bandage and voila. The trick is you have to wrap it tightly, stretching the bandage a bit so you get an absolute skin tight wrap. If not whatever material you use will bunch and that ultimately was the source of pain for me. After that I discovered that with it wrapped correctly I didn’t need the sock wrapped around the base ring either. I still can’t get past a few hours with the thing on though. One last thing is that since I have had to add another extension sometimes it’s a hassle getting it in and strapped up so what I found is that if I strap it in, extend it out, leave it for a bit and then undo it and re strap it in, it’s easier to get it wrapped around the right part of the shaft. I only mention this because strapping it in too close to the head will start to pull the head under the strap and as it slips it hurts like hell. Getting it strapped in right is also very important to getting the correct measurements. All in all most of the discomfort and pain was due to incorrect usage. Once I got it dialed in I literally started to see very small gains every day. Some days gains are better than others but whats important here is that the thing actually works.

I’ll post more progress as I continue to use it. I don’t really have a goal as to where I want to be other than I know I want my BPEL to be over 8” with a very light bone press. Currently I’m stabbing the shit out of my bone to get the most optimistic measurement possible and after a while that shit gets sore.

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Day 41 today my BPFSL is right at 8.25”. I’m going to wait to take another BPEL measurement until I hit the 9” mark with my BPFSL.

Good luck, dude! I think a lot of people see flaccid gains before they get erect gains, so your stats are promising!

I did 1 jelq, why am I not 12" yet.

On hiatus

Been awhile since I’ve been on here. I believe I’m at day 58 or 59. BPFSL is just a tad bit past 8.25. Gains have started to slow down a bit but I’m also not going at it nearly as intense as when I first started. Still haven’t crossed that 8.5 mark but I’m definitely gaining on it.

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