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Where to get spares

Where to get spares

I’m looking for some spare tube connectors like these:

I ordered a tube and some connectors from the above site 3 weeks ago, but they’re on holiday and it will take another month or so to get them. I really could use some connectors now though, and would rather order some extra ones than wait.

Does anyone know of another site that supplies them? UK preferred, but anywhere in the world would probably get here quicker.



Hi Shiver,

I just ordered and received what appear to be similar connectors for both the cylinder and the male connector for the plastic air line from: in the USA

They are a major LAPump distributor

Now I do not know if the equipment you use has different thread size
on the connectors or not. The ones from cockpump are a white, nylon plastic with the metallic quick disconnect feature in the female cylinder connector.

Also, I do not know if they ship outside the USA but you can check on their website - if not, let me know and we can work something out so you get your connectors.



Then - BPEL 5.9, EG 5.2 - Now: BPEL 7.2, EG 5.6 Listen woman, "Don't bitch at me for burning the candle at both ends - just get me some more wax!"

Thanks Peforeal, I saw that one when I was doing a search of the forum, but their prices are even more expensive in $ than £!!

That wouldn’t be too bad for a one off, but I need quite a few for the device I have in mind.

Originally Posted by Shiver

That wouldn’t be too bad for a one off, but I need quite a few for the device I have in mind.

Interesting…care to share Dr Frankenstein?

Frankly, not just yet.

I do experiments that I never post on here lest I get hung out to dry by the site Nazis for putting dangerous information in the hands of the easily led (and to be honest, some of them are categorically dangerous). Anyhow, it is completely theoretical at the moment, and I don’t know if it will work really well or not at all.


Here’s the company that makes those connectors:

I too have been looking for some for a project and I’ve yet to find an inexpensive supplier. com have some similar connectors. They’re about $8 for the female and $1-2 for the male. I can’t quite work out if the lock when disconnected though.

Thanks Shiver! Those are the ones I’ve been looking for. :)


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