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What Pressure to pump at

What Pressure to pump at

Getting my first pump tomorrow, what is the recommended pressure to start out with?

I would keep it in the 3 to 4”hg range and even after you become conditioned to pumping, I would stick with the same low pressure and just start increasing the time you spend in the tube. I would also recommend you try to enter the tube erect.

What pump did you end up buying?

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Sorry for me being stupid I take it when you say Hg it’s inHg is this correct?

Went with The Professional Titan Enlarger pump, any thoughts?

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inches of Mercury = “Hg

Also, its a vacuum, not a pressure.

Originally Posted by ~Dangler
Inches of Mercury = “Hg
Also, it’s a vacuum, not a pressure.

Thanks for that.

Originally Posted by no1knows

Went with The Professional Titan Enlarger pump, any thoughts?

Sorry, but my thought is, get a different pump. I seriously doubt that you’re going to get much good use out of this set-up. Check out Harbor freight. Their brake-bleeder pump is pretty regularly on sale for less than $30.

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Originally Posted by ~Dangler
Inches of Mercury = “Hg
Also, its a vacuum, not a pressure.

Actually inHg is a measurement of pressure. There is no such thing as a measurement of a vacuum, because vacuum is a figurative term. The reason the penis expands in a penis pump is not because there is some force pulling on it, rather there is just less air pressure compressing it. Analogously, when you consider a vacuum cleaner, what is happening is that a pump is removing air from a chamber inside of the vacuum, lowering the air pressure in the vacuum. Vacuum cleaners do not suck, rather it is the air in the atmosphere which pushes as it tries to reach an equilibrium with the pressure inside the chamber. Sorry to dig this up and correct you, I have just been looking through your post history ~Dangler as I think I have a lot to learn from you. Also, I am the type of person who likes to be corrected like this because I see it as a learning opportunity so I hope it doesn’t come off as rude as that is not my intention.

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