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Water Pumping..........WOW

Water Pumping..........WOW

Ok, so I have been pumping for about 3 months now. I have noticed somewhat of a girth gain at the bottom of my 2’ cylinder, but I have not noticed any further expansion as of late. Until tonight.

I removed my mity vac pump from my gravel cleaner and put the old hose(that came w/the tube) on. Then I added some water to the cylinder, got rock hard and went in the tube.

WOW. I’m not kidding, what a difference. I know what certain levels of pressure feel like by now, and I was probably at 4hg tonight in the tube. I am not kidding, within 2 minutes in the water I was packing the entire tube minus the head.

Yeah for whatever scientifical reasons, water in the pump kicks ass hardcore style.

The vacuum feeling isnt the same in water as air pumping so you may find that what you think is 4”hg is actually 8”hg. Take it easy.


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I agree, b/c when I suck out air manually when I have water in the pump, it seems like I really am not taking that much air out of the cylinder.

Nevertheless, I have read up on water pumping here at Thunder’s and I have made sure not to go overboard with it.

Hey thetorch,

Are you sure you are actually packing the entire tube and it doesn’t only look like you are packing the entire tube? I am asking because I tried some water pumping a while ago, and when I did it it definitely looked like I was packing the entire tube, but I wasn’t.

It’s like when you put your hand under water, you know, and it looks bigger, but it’s actually not.

Just wondering whether this is the case or not.

I thought about that too, how it might appear bigger when you look inside the tube.

However, this is truly not the case. I always seem to be unable to begin to pack the underside of my shaft when I am pumping “dry”. This is not the case when I do it with water. I can see the full base of the shaft being able to pack at the base, almost all the way up my shaft.


Can’t help it! “my 2’ cylinder” I know you meant 2” but man you could crawl into a 2’ cylinder. Steve

I haven’t yet tried air pumping or water pumping. However, I have worked with pneumatic and hydraulic systems as part of a former job. Here’s my take on this.

Unlike air, water is essentially non-compressible and non-expandable. If you fill your cylinder even partially with water, you dramatically reduce the amount of compressible/expandable material in the tube. This means:

a) Very much less displacement (pumping out) is needed to achieve any given vacuum pressure;

b) Once any given pressure is established, the force exerted on your penis varies dramatically with only small changes in volume (e.g., tube “milking” pulls your on penis with much less reduction in force and greatly increases the pressure compared with milking in air);

c) Assuming all the air is removed, your tissues (penis and anything else at the base) replace air as the most compliant material in the tube. Force is transmitted directly to your penis with no “cushion” to pick up the slack. Your penis becomes the cushion.

I think of water pumping as being similar to hanging, except that you’re pulling on your penis from all surfaces simultaneously. It sounds both really effective and potentially risky.

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