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Water blisters

Water blisters

Hello, I have been pumping for many years now, but today was the very first time I actually filled up the girth of the cylinder. That was amazing, so I just kept going. Now that I’m out and unpumped and I have what I think might be water blister (pretty big by the look of it) left on my shaft and I was wondering how long it takes to go away and if I might have hurt something. I don’t feel any pain, it just look crazy weird. Just wondering when I can go back at it :D D

It’s amazing the feeling of barely going around your dick with your hand… hahaha

If you have a water blister, you’ll know it.

You do know the difference between a water blister and a donut, I take it? Just asking….

If you have a water blister, leave it alone. Wait until it is completely gone, then wait a little longer.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

If you are packing the tube, then any blisters will appear on the glans.
I know because I have suffered more than I can remember.
A blister will occur when you are past the time to stop pumping.
It usually happens when you get over-enthusiastic about staying big or getting even bigger in the tube.
High vacuum pressure will increase your chances and reduce the time it takes to raise a blister.
Signs that you have pumped too long: your head turns white and hard when you come out of the tube;
When you are near max pressure you feel a stinging sensation in the skin of the glans. That means you are moments away from a blister and you should stop immediately.

If you get a blister you can plan on not pumping or doing anything with your dick for a couple of weeks.
They are painful and take a long time to heal. Don’t try pumping before they have completely healed.
Pumping with an unhealed blister forces excess blood into the wound and causes an unsightly dark blemish in the healed skin. It could be permanent or take a very long time to vanish.

I have suffered all of these maladies out of stubbornness and stupidity.
I am much more careful now.

Just take it easy with the pumping. More is not better.

I have never heard of a water blister on the shaft. Water blisters in my experience always appear on the head and they are a bitch.

If what you have is on the shaft it is probably a little skin bloat from excessive lymph fluid and it should be gone in a few hours. Blisters on the head can take a week or longer to fully heal.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

So water blisters take a week to heal? I just got one today and I see my girlfriend for the first time in 3 weeks in two days… shit

Originally Posted by ishot2pac
So water blisters take a week to heal? I just got one today and I see my girlfriend for the first time in 3 weeks in two days.. Shit

Mine usually took at least 2 weeks to totally heal - meaning the skin is restored to normal and the sensitivity is gone.
It usually takes a week to scab, and another week for the scab to disappear.

I try to keep the exposed raw skin moisturized with a medicated salve like Neosporin, and cover it with a bandaid.
I doubt you will be able to have sex just 2 days after getting a blister. It will still be very sore and sensitive, and it will not look good either.
She is not going to want to put it in her mouth, and you will not want it to be touched.

At best you might be able to cover it with a condom.

You could get water blisters on your dick from pumping?

Oh man imagine popping or cutting one open…

I’d fucking die from shock if not from the pain

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Thats the only way they will heal. If not opened it will just take longer to heal. I have tried both ways.

The dome of skin on the blister is damaged and useless skin - it will have to go eventually.

It does not hurt to open the blister. The pain is when anything comes in contact with the exposed raw skin underneath.

Showering is a bitch. It’s very wise to keep the blister covered when wearing clothes.

If the open skin comes in contact with your underwear and then dries, the cloth becomes stuck to the skin.

Try pulling that off and not cry like a baby.

Here’s an old timer trick. Get some Zinc oxide (Desitin used for diaper rash) cover it with a band aid. Let it on for two days. The zinc ointment will dry up the blister quicker and not develop into a bleeding sore. Just make sure that you dodge the opening so you can pee. It works well.

I used an insulin needle to get rid of the fluid, then I used a gauze with zinc oxide. I was able to fuck for a while then it got irritated. Because of the open wound and anal I used alcohol to sterilize it, bad choice!

It sucks because the blisters sort of look like herpes when the scabs develop. I looked at some herpes pics.

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