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vacuum pumping

vacuum pumping

i have been pumping for about a month and it is really a turn on to see my penis get that large in the tube…..but when i stop… goes away….back to reality. i know this takes time…….but how much time before i gain??? uncut101

We’re all different, uncut101. Some don’t see much change for months. I am a fast gainer and I didn’t see a whole lot of difference until about 6 weeks into it.



How much pressure do you guys pump at? InHg/cmHg?

10 hg….no result…I’m been doing it for 2 months….

NBP 6.4''.Bp 6.8'' meta: 7'' NBP

5.3 circunferencia meta: 6''

joserayo — take a look around the pumpers forum here at thunder’s. Most of the vets would probably say 10HG is way too high — that you are traumatizing your penis with that kind of pressure.

Most will tell you that multiple short sessions (say 3 ten minute sessions with a break between) at 3 to 5HG will give better results.

A good thread to start if you havent seen it already:

Vacuum Pumping 101

A relevant quote:

gprent - Soft when I exit pump

Originally Posted by gprent
I have been staying in the 3”hg range for quite a while now and my results are the best ever. Seems I really wasted a lot of time, like years, trying to make pumping at high pressure work. If you want to skip all the hassle and go right to getting consistent excellent results, just try pumping at low pressure for a week. I do three 12 to 15 minute sets every work out with a massage to full erection between each set. Finish off your routine with a full erection for at least 5 minutes. You will be impressed with you flaccid size and EQ.

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