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Upgrading my equipment

Upgrading my equipment

I’m in the process of upgrading my equipment from the Petsmart ProQuatics gravel vacuum cylinder to a quality penis pump cylinder. I’ve ordered a male coupler from to go with my AutoZone MityVac II pump. I plan to buy a San Francisco Pump Works cylinder from my favorite local sex novelties shop.

The Petsmart ProQuatics gravel vacuum cylinder was a great way to try out pumping for a minimal investment. I bought two cylinders: for the first one I used a plumbing rubber coupling to cover the rough acrylic edge and for the second one I used PlastiDip to form a seal.

However, after using the cylinders for awhile, I began to experience the shortcomings of this low-cost pumping solution. The last two times I used the first cylinder, the top popped off and fell, making a clattering noise on the tile floor. Also, the cylinder loses the vacuum and I have to constantly squeeze the trigger on the MityVac to maintain a constant pressure. Yes, I know I could glue the top on and seal it with silicone to make it less leaky, it just seems like too much hassle. I want to spend my time doing PE, not in the workshop. The PlastiDip seal cushion on the second cylinder is less than ideal, I was getting black bits of plastic on my dick after I pulled out of the tube. Also, lack of a rigid flared end seems to allow part of my scrotum to be sucked in the tube. It is also somewhat leaky.

I guess I’m the kind of guy that appreciates and values high quality tools and equipment and has likes having the appropriate tools to do the job at hand. Having fuss-free equipment makes any task go smoother and faster. I’m ready to apply this philosophy to my pumping efforts.

I’m looking forward to having a click-type coupling between pump hose and cylinder and having the ability to detach the pump while in the cylinder. Also, having a higher quality cylinder with thicker walls and clearer acrylic should make the experience more enjoyable.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

J Meister,

Having good pump equipment makes all the difference in the world as far as effectiveness. I first tried pumping using my homemade products and had trouble with vacuum leaks, consistency, etc. Once I ordered a professional cylinder, hoses and male/female connectors for easy attachment and detachment, my pumping routines became so much more productive. Enjoy.


Upgrading woes

The male coupler from arrived in the mail yesterday. I tried to attach it to the hose that came with my AutoZone MityVac II pump. It was immediately apparent that the barbed end of the male coupler (the end that goes inside the hose) was too small in diameter for the tubing that came with the MityVac II pump. After testing the male coupler with the several short bits of tubing that came with my pump (who knows what the are used for), I headed for my neighborhood Ace Hardware to look for smaller diameter vinyl tubing, male coupler in my pocket. I found a size that fit the male coupler and purchased three feet (priced at $0.23/ft). I then ran into my second problem, the tubing was somewhat small for the outlet end of the pump. I had to jam the vinyl tubing onto the pump, I think it’s there permanently unless I cut it off. Later on last night, I looked at pictures of LAP Distributing’s pumps on their website. They sell a brass trigger pump with a gauge. Careful scrutiny revealed that the tubing on this pump, as well as the connecting outlet end on the pump, seemed to be smaller in diameter.

Next, after the Ace Hardware stop, I headed to my favorite local sex novelties shop to buy a pump cylinder. As it turned out, the smallest size they stocked was a 2” diameter by 9” length (actually more like 8.5” in usable length—they must measure to the top of the quick connector) cylinder. These cylinders have a flared end opening (seal) that has a diameter that is .25” smaller than the cylinder diameter of 2”. Against my better judgment, after making sure that my male coupler fit the female coupler on the tube, I bought the 2” cylinder.

I researched the issue of cylinder size somewhat before making this purchase. I did a search on the topic here at Thunder’s Place which led me to conclude that a cylinder width of 1.75” would probably be the best for me. Newart advocates starting with a 2” cylinder, which is considered the standard size, they stated that you needed to have room for expansion. VacuTech and L.A. Pumps (LAP Distributing) indicated that a smaller size would be better to start with.

Late last night, I did a trial run with the new equipment. It was immediately apparent that the 2” cylinder is too big for me. Once I increased the vacuum to 2 or 3” hg, the pressure started to suck the top of my scrotum into the cylinder. Not comfortable and somewhat painful. My dick just seemed to float around in the tube, there was so much room. I could readily see that I had made a $70 investment in hopes for future girth gains.

Most pumping vendors advocate using string to measure girth. I did the string test this morning (I had to use cock rings to get hard enough—apparently not only is there ruler fright, there is also string fright) and measured mid-shaft girth at 5” and glans girth at close to 6”. Couldn’t measure base girth because of the cock ring. I have measured at 5.25” girth with a better woodie, using a tailor’s tape, in the past. At this girth, I seem to be in between the sizing recommendations for a 1.5” tube and a 1.75” tube.

I spoke with VacuTech today. The guy that answered the phone was very nice and helpful and seemed to be knowledgeable (he mentioned low pressures, jelquing between sets, etc.). I explained to him my situation, he recommended the 1.75” tube. He also mentioned that because of the flared opening, the diameter is only 1.5” where you enter the tube. Since I’m leaving town next week, I didn’t want to order at this time.

I knew that my second favorite local sex novelties shop carried Boston Pump Works cylinders. These cylinders are really nice, made of Lucite with red ruler markings on the side of the tube. I stopped by there today to see what they had. They had a 1.5” cylinder and a 2” cylinder. The only 1.75” cylinder was packaged with a brass, plunger-style hand pump. After I asked if they had a 1.75” cylinder for sale separately, the clerk made a note to have the owner order that size.

I’m still not 100% sure which is the best cylinder size for me. It seems that I would pack the 1.5” tube easily, the 1.75” tube seems to give me a little room for expansion (enough room that my scrotum will be sucked in?), the 2.00” tube drowns my dick.

I’ve concluded to wait to see if the 1.75” cylinder becomes available locally. Anyone have any advice or recommendations? This is getting expensive and I want to get the right size.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

J Meister

Man, have you been doing your homework in trying to find the right size cylinder. Based on everything you’ve said, your varying girth dimensions, etc. , it seems that the 1.75” diameter cylinder is the one for you. Your 2.00” will definitely come in handy in no time.

When I seriously decided to do pumping right, I started with a 1.75” (which now sits retired in my closet), then graduated on to a 2.00” and now to my 2.5” diameter cylinder. Depending on my mood and how big I want to pump for the day, I alternate between my 2” and 2.5”. Lately I’ve been preferring the 2.5” for a huge pump in 1 hour that gives me lasting thick flaccid results for a day or two.

Once you get the right size cylinder, you’ll really be able to appreciate the power of pumping, especially combined with some dryjelqing. Good luck.


I use the Boston Pump Works thick walled tube. I’m very satisfied with it and love the inch markings on tape that it came with. With the thick wall the base flange isn’t necessary to get a good seal.

My mid shaft girth is currently 5.75 and I’m using a 2” inside diameter tube and it fits well at the base. I’m not wanting to go much beyond 6” girth, so having the base fit tight and having it a bit loose in the middle works for me.

At 5.25” girth, I think you’d find a 1.5” too tight and the 1.75” would be a better fit IMO.

Thanks for responding and for your advice. I’m waiting to see if the 1.75” cylinder becomes available locally.

I wasn’t aware that Boston Pump Works made thick walled cylinders. I’ve only seen the cylinders with the flange at the bottom. Where did you buy it? I asked the VacuTech guy about them. He said that they were great for working length. I appreciate your response and recommendations regarding my situation.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

I got my Boston Pump Works cylinder at The Pleasure Chest. Surely Los Angeles’ largest and most famous sex shop. They tend to have a large selection or can order. If you don’t find what you want where you are, I’ve been known to buy stuff and ship it to members in need. :)

Stopped by my second favorite local sex novelties shop today. Apparently, they followed through and ordered in some 1.75” Boston Pump Works cylinders. They had them priced at $99.99. I pointed out to the clerk that all the other sizes were priced at $93.95. She said that the 1.75” tubes were priced at $99.99 because it was new inventory and the shop had to pay more for them. Then she said she would talk to the owner about the pricing discrepancy. She came back and said, “It’s your lucky day, Big Guy!” “We’ll sell it to you for $93.95.” So the deal was done and for $100 and change (sales tax added), I became the proud owner of a new 1.75” Boston Pump Works cast lucite cylinder (flared-bottom style), complete with red ruler markings up the side to aid in monitoring progress.

I’m hoping to try it out tonight. I’m looking forward to see if I’ve been successful in finding the Holy Grail of cylinder size.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

J Meister,

I hope the 1.75” cylinder does the trick for you for now until you graduate to the 2.0” size.

Once you get the correct fitting cylinder, it makes the pumping experience all the more enjoyable and productive.


Looking forward to your progress report.

peforeal and westla90069,
Thanks so much for your interest, support and advice in my equipment upgrade journey. You personify the caring attitude that makes Thundersplace such a great place to be.

Last night I was able try my new Boston Pump Works 1.75” cylinder. First, I have to say, this is one nice cylinder. After taking it out of the blister pack, it was immediately apparent that this is a quality cylinder and seems to be even nicer than my San Francisco Pump Works 2.00” cylinder. The Boston cylinder is made of cast lucite while the San Francisco cylinder is made from acrylic. The most apparent difference is that the top of the San Francisco cylinder is glued to an acrylic tube while the Boston cylinder top is cast with the cylinder, making the unit one-piece. The other notable difference is the clarity of the lucite material. I love the ruler markings on the side of the tube. It’s fun to watch progress while in the pump. Last night I was focused on the length in the tube to my coronal ridge, in addition to total length.

I started my session with 150 jelq strokes, until I achieved a medium erection. I slipped my sausage into the tube and pumped up. The 1.75” diameter seems to offer me the best of all worlds. I still have some room around my shaft and my mushroom head glans is just barely touching the sides of the cylinder. I did experience some minor scrotal suck-in at pressures greater than 3” hg. Hopefully, I’ll gain a little more girth at the base. I spent 12 minutes in the tube, then jelqued 100 strokes, then went in the tube for another 11 minutes, then jelqued a few strokes and put on some cock rings. It’s quite a sensation to come out of the tube with a horse-hung cock.

Quality equipment definitely seems to make pumping more efficient and effective. I love how the cylinders hold the vacuum. Also, having a smaller cylinder seems to be easier on my dick skin with less splotchiness and spots. I like the way the couplings allow the vinyl hose to completely rotate 360 degrees—great for untangling the hose. The quick-connect/disconnect couplings are great! I’m glad I did this, although it has put a serious dent in my credit cards to get me to this point.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

J Meister,

Great report. I can totally understand what you’re feeling with having a quality cylinder that really enhances your pumping efforts. All the comments you made are exactly what I said to myself when I finally decided to dump my original homemade cylinder years ago and purchase a quality product. The better vacuum seal, the easier ability to connect and disconnect and hold the vacuum pressure, etc. make the pumping experience so much more effective. You are now really on your way!


Thanks for your report. The scrotal sucking might be eliminated by shaving around the base of your dick and using some lube to help form a seal, if you aren’t doing those things already. I’m glad things are working out for you.

Just wanted to update this thread with a couple of observations.

The 1.75” Boston Pump Works cylinder has turned out to be the perfect size for me. I am now packing the tube at the base, with some minimal scrotal suck (I’m hoping for some expanded girth at the base) and also packing the tube at the coronal ridge of the glans. Viewed through the tube, the coronal ridge is now pressing hard on the inside of the tube. That is the benefit of my one and only genetic (and skilled circumsion?) PE gift; I have always naturally had a large well-proportioned mushroom head (larger in diameter than the shaft below)with a well-defined coronal ridge that has only been enhanced through my PE efforts.

The 2.0” San Francisco Pump Works cylinder still seems to big for me, although it does seem to fit a little better now. Nevertheless, I have found a use for it. Inspired by Peforeal’s discussion, I sometimes use the 2” cylinder to pump my balls and stretch my scrotum. I find that I have to use lower pressures to do this, around 3.5” hg. If I go higher, it starts to get painful. I don’t know if this is a function of the tube being somewhat small for ball pumping or if it is just the nature of ball pumping. Maybe someone with more experience can answer this question.

I was in Boston, Massachusetts, several weeks ago. There is a adult video store close to the theater district and around the corner from Centerfolds gentlemen’s club that had some Boston Pump Works cylinders for sale at a good price. I believe they were asking $75.99 for them. These were the standard flared end cylinder like I bought at my local sex novelties store as mentioned previously in this thread that now sell for $99.99 at my local shop. Only one caveat, the cylinders were not blister-packed with the Tom of Finland-esque illustration of a muscular guy with huge nipples holding a pump on his huge dick with one hand and a basic plunger-style pump in the other hand. These cylinders were displayed in a glass case with rolled-up copy of instructions inserted in the cylinder, with no outside packaging. I believe that Boston Pump Works cylinders are made somewhere in Massachusetts. The cylinders appeared to be the real deal, with the red ruler markings. The store was just slimy enough with some fairly strange characters to make me think twice about making a purcahse there. Since I had both a 1.75” and 2.0” tube, I didn’t think I would be needing another size for a long time. Besides,I believe that my next cylinder purchase will be a thick-walled cylinder. Had they had the Boston Pump Works version, I would have bought one.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

J Meister

Regarding your discomfort while scrotal pumpng with a 2” cylinder.

This may not apply to you because I use the CTC3000, which btw is a phenomenal device, that utilizes suck and release. When I first started PE a few months ago I came for just penis lenghth but then saw the potential for balls enlargement. As a consequence of steroid use many years ago I have very small testicles. From the ctc company I also purchased a 2” and 2.25” cylinders( if you are thinking of buying a ctc pump do not purchase their cylinders). When pumping my balls exclusively I use the 2.25” with no problem but my balls are up against the tube walls. I wouldn’t even consider using the 2” for this and like I said I have small nuts. Your discomfort may stem form the cylinder being too small.

When doing full penis/scrotal package pumping I currently use the 3” San Francisco pump Works but I now want to go larger. Guys, after a few weeks of regular pumping, bib hanging, jelqing I am amazed at the results. I will go into more detail later but incredible changes are occurring. Briefly, my dick hangs noticebly longer and my balls appear normal sized even in the cold! In addition, I began using clomid a few days ago to get my hormonal function back and to stablize my scrotal sack size. I began PEing to just look normal in flaccid state but now I’m getting greedy. This is a great forum. Young people are so lucky to have the internet and not have to live in shame like I did for so many decades.

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