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Two quick pumping questions


Doesn’t do what a blood workout will do. But, it does offer a lot of post-pump plumpness which is encouraging to some.

Problem is, keep doing the lymph thing and it becomes easier to get it each time it happens.



I see your point.

I havent done it yet and I hope I can enter flaccid, and the pressure will induce an erection on the days that I’m just not into it.. For the most part about 98%, I can create an erection, just wondering as a last resort.

8/06 First measured @ (starting over again) BPEL-6.0" X EG-5.25"

10/06 (2 months) BPEL-6.00" X EG- 5.50" BUT NO LENGTH :0(

Second goal to measure on 12/06 (4 months) Bpel-6.25" X EG -5.75"

Originally Posted by Biscuit Head
So Let Me See If I Read This Right.. You Fill Your Cylinder With Warm Water (minus The Space For Your Penis) Then Place Your Penis Into The Tube (with The Water Still In The Tube) And Push The Tube Against Your Pelvic Region And Pump? How Does The Water Make A Difference? I Would Think That Would Contribute To Skin Breakdown Since Moisture Is A Large Factor In Such ??
Sounds Interesting

Not exactely. I fill my cylinder with air, without a pump: I suck with my mouth and then I put the small rubber tube in the water so that it absorbs some warm water in the actual vacuum tube. I repeat the operation until the vacuum tube is free of air and finally I seal the whole thing by bending the rubber tube and fixing it with a tight elastic band. To create a seal, I use a creamy soap, “dove”, when I can choose.

Sorry for my english, it is my second language.


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