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This is wierd, LA and vacu measurments are different, help me!

This is wierd, LA and vacu measurments are different, help me!

I just got off the phone with a guy from vacu-tech, and he told me i need a 2” diamater cylinder for my 5” curcumference wang. I couldnt believe it! As La pumps calls for a 1.75” D cylinder for the 5.25”C penis, which i thought would be perfect for my 5”C, which would mean the cylinder is .25” bigger.

I should add that the guy from vacu-tech mentioned that their cylinders are smaller at the opening, which allows for tighter seal and more expansion in the tube. But if i get this 2” cylinder from vacy-tech, this might be to big… I’m so confused now.

Please someone help me out, is vacu-tech supporting pumps that badly bloat the penis? LA pumps measuring chart cant be wrong?

I would like to know the answer to this as well, I will be ordering next week.


I have always felt that ladist recommends a tube that fits too closely to your actual girth. I like to find the tube diameter with a circumference that matches my girth and then select the next .25 inch larger diameter tube. So if a 1.75 inch tube matches your girth, buy the 2.0 inch tube. This allows for girth expansion, but is not overly large and it will be awhile before you need to order still the next larger tube to account for your growth!

Now if your cock cross section is not so round and it is very wide, you may have to take your width into consideration when selecting the tube diameter.

I don’t hold with vacu-tech’s claim that a narrower opening at the base gives more expansion in the tube. A narrower base gives a tighter seal, yes.

If I were you I’d go with Gprent’s advice.



For you guys that have forgot your math formulas:

Circumference=Pi X Dia

So a 2.0 inch dia tube X 3.14159 = 6.28 inch circumference

1.75 X 3.14159 = 5.5

Originally Posted by avocet8
I don’t hold with vacu-tech’s claim that a narrower opening at the base gives more expansion in the tube. A narrower base gives a tighter seal, yes.

If I were you I’d go with Gprent’s advice.

If you were me Avocet with a circumference of 5”, would you get the 1.75” or 2.0” diamater cylinder from lapump?


I’d definitely get the 1.75. You can always bump up to the 2.0 when your girth is good for that.



I am strongly considering pumping in the near future….Hooo Haaa!!!

Question for you guys: any specific reason for not using a “PetSmart” tube???

Running a Massive Co-Front.


I have a 2” Vacutech tube the opening however is tapered 1/4” so the actual circumfrence is 5.49” give or take.

I would rcommend that, …..or just go straight for the Thick Wall Cylinder, that has no taper and order a diameter of 1.75”

Later F.

Hi frango,

thanks for the info but with wouldn’t my 5” cirumference penis be too small for the 2” regular cylinder. I know its tapered at the opening but thats just at the beggining, you know what i mean. A 2” cylinder would be over an inch longer in circumference for my penis, that can’t be good. Am i just not seeing something here.

Do you feel the thickwall cylinders are only made for length? i want girth more then length.


Given the cost of the tubes I would choose the 2” with the taper as you will probably need it sooner rather than later if you pump regularly.

My suggestion in this case if you’re worried, is to get the Vacutech guy to give you a ball strap (he has leather ones) so your balls and scrotum don’t get sucked into the tube too much. I was actually about the same size as you at the base when I got my 2” tube from them and I’m now minimum 5.5” at the base EG, I just used one of those lasso type cock rings around my balls so the scrotum skin wouldn’t get stretched so much, and so my balls weren’t sucked in to the tube.

Hope this helps.

Sorry I almost missed your other questions.

Having more room in the rest of the cylinder is fine especially if you want Girth, you just have to make sure you get a good seal close to your body.

And with respect to the thick-wall cylinders I don’t really think they will add too much length (that might be a gimmick) but those tubes are not tapered, so that’s why I suggested the smaller size.

I’ve been pumping on and off for almost a year so there may be some Vets out there who can add more but finally I would suggest the 2” tapered with a ball/sack strap.

Later F. ___________________________________ "My two cents worth, may only be worth 2 cents!"

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I started with a 2” tube from LA Pump. My circumference at the time was 5” midshaft, 5.5” base. Plenty of room to grow. Still using it 7 months later and packing it most of the time girthwise after about three sets. Still plenty of mileage to go with this tube before I move up to another.

If resources are not an issue, by all means start with the 1.75”. Otherwise go with a 2”.

The next time one of you guys talk to someone at LA Pump, let them know that it would be a damn good idea to post that they are “on vacation” someplace on their website. Instead of making guys think they don’t really give a shit by not replying to emails or answering the phone. The sales they lose, could have been their own.

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I’m curious how long it took to go from 5 ” girth starting to 5.5 girth all the time…..I also started at a tad bit over 5 inches girth and have recently started pumping (not trying to highjack the thread,just curious how long it mite take for me to see the same gains)

and on a tube size note,I also started with a 2” tube and after about a month of regular every other day pumping am packing the bottom 1/4 or so of it……woohooo


I think it took me around 3 months of pumping every other day. Some weeks I might have 2-3 days off in a row but these were random and generally related to my other commitments.

My routine is

Hot wrap 1-2 mins
then 10-12 minutes in the tube and usually a minimum of 3 sets maximum 5
I also do a little jelqing and some edging in between sets.

Hope this helps.

Later F. ___________________________________ "My two cents worth, may only be worth 2 cents!"


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