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Taking a piss after pumping


Yes. I have experienced this also. It is amazing the angle your piss can travel. I would say it fires back on myself about 180 degrees and my aim at the toilet is about as accurate as an Iraqi super gun. Either this or split streaming. This is because of too long in the tube at too high a pressure I think. Now I avert this post pump piss disaster by using my foreskin as a guide for the toilet. This seems to help.

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Originally Posted by HungLow123
So when I urinate after a pumping session, I always end up pissing all over myself. My urine-stream comes out all “sideways.” It’s almost like it’s spraying in all directions. In order to cope, I usually end up sitting down to pee.

This occurs, as mentioned previously, due to the bloating and swelling of the tissues around the urethral opening. With this distortion occuring at the urethral opening it can not necessarily be expected that the urinary stream will flow in the usual way as you would normally expect, but sometimes at strange and unusual angles just as you have now experienced. You just can not anticipate what will happen with the direction of the urine stream after having pumped. This is, I believe, a very very common experience amongst those who pump. It is also nothing much to worry about, except that you must make the obvious necessary precautions after pumping so as to not mess yourself or your bathroom while urinating!

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