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Sun Tea Jar

Sun Tea Jar

Summer is around the corner and Sun Tea Jars are on sale. I was considering this as an option after I read the article on Has anyone had any experience with sun tea jars?


Think you'll need to provide more info

Winter’s around the corner in Australia, and I’ve never heard of a Sun Tea Jar.

Sorry Mate, more info please.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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Hope this clears it up


A Sun Tea Jar is used to make Tea in the Summer. You put a few tea bags in it, add water and leave it outside, at the end of the day you have Tea. It can be converted into a pump. My thought is that it should allow for more expansion, as it would be almost impossible to tap/fill.

For more info here’s the Link:


Hey TSM,

A couple of points. First, with that kind of expansion you are only going to draw in more lymph fluid and that is not what you are looking to do for PE. It is OK for those guys that want to pump up to some outlandish size. Second, those sun tea jars are made of umtempered glass and if you happen to break the thing while using it (by accidently bumping it or dropping something on it) you could end up with a couple of hundred pieces of glass shrapnel in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

My advice is stick to the acrylic tubes.

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Sorry for the lateness of this reply, I’ve been working way to hard lately.

At any rate, I found a STJ was too large for me to get a comfortable seal, and I didn’t feel comfortable wth the thickness of the glass.
I’ve been using a mayonaise jar (I *think* it’s 2 quarts, might be 1). The opening size difference doesn’t visually look like much, and I haven’t measured the opening, but I get a much better seal, and it’s a nice thick (relativly speaking) jar, so I don’t worry so much about it going bang.

Mechanically the only difference is the lack of a place to “plug in”.
I went to the hardware store and got 4 feet of plastic tubing, the same kind I use on my fish tank O2 pump, then I grease everything up good (including the tube), insert the tube, then myself (I nicked my sack pretty good doing it the other way around), use mouth pressure to get the suction going, then I just yank the tube out of the jar (make sure to grease it also!) when I have the pressure up to where I want it.
Getting out is easy, just stick a finger between the rim of the jar and your sack and it’ll kill the vacum.

The big thing to keep in mind, is LOW PRESSURE! It’s *real* easy to get carried away. This is a totally different sensation, as opposed to penis pumping, and I know I found it real easy to get carried away by the moment, so to speak.

For me the first few times I did it, I swelled up to the size of a mid-spring orange (about the size of a softball) so, of course, my first reaction (aside from “Hey Honey! Look at this shit! WhooHoo!”) was, “hmmm more pressure/longer jar time must be better”, and gave myself a couple of thrombosed veins. Consequently, I haven’t been ball-pumping lately, while I wait for things to heal a bit.

10-15 minutes a time is the general recomendation, according to various web sources, with about 2 sessions at a time when you’re first starting out. Pretty much the same rules as penis pumping apply here, espcially the low pressure/short stay rules.

I doubt that ball pumping will really do much for your PE efforts, the effects seem to be short term, even for the guys that do it religously.
IMHO, It seems to be more a “freak show” thing than anything else, but it’s still fun. ;)

I hope that helps ya out a bit.


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