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Sizing my Veseal cylinder order help?

Sizing my Veseal cylinder order help?


Firstly, I have opted to post here rather than in the ‘Selecting Cylinder Size’ thread because the last post in that thread is over a month old.

My stats currently stand at: girth measurement 5.4” - NBP roughly 7.5”.

Would I be best suited to get a 1.75” or 2.00” cylinder?

In addition, length wise, should I opt for the standard 9” or perhaps get a custom sized 10”?

Here is a link to the cylinder I’m looking at (for some reason the URL doesn’t change from the main page when I click a particular product page, so please scroll down to ‘Velseal Penis Tubes’)


Definitely 2.00. You will be happy. I would get the 10 inch also.

Thanks Philadelph.

I ordered the 2”X10”… and just about everything else I’ll need to get functional. Due to my high erection angle and slight upward curve I also ordered their ‘E-Z Angled Entry Option’ which looks as though it will reduce the pressure on my glan against the cylinder wall. I did make a thread about it when it first came out a few months back but nobody acknowledged it so I’ll hazard that I’m the beta test for this new concept. I’ll report back with my findings in the interim.

Nice. I have the regular 9x2 velseal and I love it, but I do wish I had gotten the 10 inch. The website and most of the pumping websites that sell cylinders recommend sizes that are too small so they will sell more tubes.

I would tend to disagree that Pumptoys recommend smaller cylinders, their sizing chart states that you should select a tube which is between 1”-3” longer than the length you expect to fill prior to entry.

I’m glad there’s someone else here who uses the Velseal products. I rarely see them mentioned. If I may, how has the silicone Velvet Seal held up, are you still on your original? In addition, I ordered their Glyde Lube, what have you been using?

I am speaking more about the girth recommendations.

Mine has held up great for a couple years now. I use whatever lotion or lube I have laying around. The glyde is great but I ran out of that a long time ago.

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