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serious question for penis pump users


Once the tissue is broken down, if you don’t allow time to heal you are over-training. Do you want a strong solid penis or an overstretched balloon?


Azfat, You mentioned Jojo. I would just say this about him. He has a yahoo page and most if not all of HIS photos are photo-shopped, kind of poor too at that, and I would be cautious about claims coming from there.

Now there’s other guys out there that are getting 9 and 10 inch girths and I’ve been able to get around 8 and 8.5 and be extremely hard, but for me the aftermath makes it almost not worth it, unless you have a girl/partner that just loves it. I still can get major hardons that are bigger than my normal, but when not I end up walking about bowlegged and can’t do any running/exercising until I get back to normal after a day or so. And also, none of the temp gains are in length.maybe half an inch or so, but I use wide there you go.


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