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Questions Regarding Bathmate

Questions Regarding Bathmate

Hey guys, been a while since I posted here. I gave a weak attempt last time at PE, getting my life on track and really going to attack this.

I have a Bathmate, but I have to ask from others who use them, how can you really tell the pressure you’re getting?

I know you most likely need a gauge (don’t know if thats installable on the BM) but is there a way to describe how it feels when you’re at the right pressure for gains?

I heard it was around the 4 mark. I was also only doing one long session, and am going to switch to the suggested 3 sets of 10 mins. Anyway, anyone who uses bathmates and has found permanent gains please bestow your phallic knowledge upon me.

Penis Padawan out.

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I can’t remember the title of the thread but someone posted the question as to how to pump without a gauge, and the answer that was given was, as long as there is no pain.

I own a bathmate. I was doing a 1 x 30 minute session but have recently broke it up to 3 x 10 sessions and am getting better EQ. As to the pressure, I have no idea what pressure I’m pumping at. I simply give it a good single pump each minute while pumping.

There’s a whole thread here on pumping without a gauge:

Pumping without a gauge

I don’t think there’s a practical way to fit a Bathmate with a gauge.

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