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Pumping problem with the vacuum gauge of LA Pump.

Pumping problem with the vacuum gauge of LA Pump.

Hi -
I have been hovering around the pumpers forum and reading voraciously but my LA pump arrived a couple of days back and so my hands-on experience is almost zilch. Here is my problem:

When I pump, I enter flaccid and my penis expands just fine as I pump. However the gauge almost always shows a reading of 1” hg. The reading goes up as I pump but as I expand it comes back to 1” Hg. I keep pumping and the expansion continues but the reading stays locked at 1 hg, even lesser at times. Is this how it’s supposed to be or am I doing something wrong? I can feel the pressure inside the tube increase and feel a stretch on my ligs even, at which point I stop because I don’t wanna push things in the pump just yet. The reading at this point again shows 1” Hg. Is the expansion of the penis nullifying pressure in the tube or something? MY PIs post pumping were no great shakes either. I had a marginally fluffier flaccid (not sure it was the pumping because it could be the jelquing or the 8 min clamping that I ended my PE session with) but my EQ was pretty fucked. Thanks!

Maybe it’s a faulty pump. Try putting your finger over the nozzle and pump. The pump gauge should go right up to 10 straight-away. .

If it does not then try doing this several times releasing and try again . If this doesn’t free the needle then the pump is faulty. Have a word with the manufacturer or seller..

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