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Pumping problem with size

Pumping problem with size

Ok, here is the problem as I see it… Measurements are as follows.

A) Length 8.25”

B) Girth: 6” under head / 6.5 midshaft and a little over 7 at the very base.

My penis “packs” the base of the tube going into it and the sides of my dick touch both sides of the tube all the way up to the head, however there is a huge space on both the top and bottom of the tube… I”m after a length lig stretch most of all and it seems I have so much room left to expand from my penis head to about 2/3rds toward the base I wonder if I shouldn’t get a smaller tube and just try to cram my dick into it and pack the whole thing quicker? It’s just that my base is much larger (by over an inch)… What would the vets say about this? I’ve been pumping for 6 days now… I pump monday through friday and take Sat / Sun off…


My suggestion is to stick for now with your 2-inch diameter tube, stay with your program and try to even out the pump in your shaft over the next few weeks. Once you get evened out, then you should start to get more of the length pull that you want. I think going down to a smaller tube, say 1.75 inch diameter, would be too small for you. I’m similar to you at the base with a circumference of almost 7 inches, so in the 2-inch cylinder my base packs the tube right away. The rest of my shaft sort of evenly tapers gradually to about 6 inches below the glans. So, in that respect we are different. I’m working primarily on evening out the girth of my shaft from top to bottom, and then I’ll try more for the length pull like you.



I agree with peforeal, I’m about the same size as you and Peforeal and given the fact the 2 inch diameter tube is 7 inches around this is really your only option.

You couldn’t even fit into the 1.75 inch tube and even if you did you wouldn’t be able to get out of it after a short pump session.

A couple of things I like to do to stretch the ligs while pumping includes rotating the tube in a circle, pushing the tube to each side as well as up and down. Make sure you have enough vacuum to keep the pump in place while you perform these movements. Take it very slow until you get the feel of it.

Finally with the “discovery” of the DLD blasters these are a nature to use in conjunction with any pump routine. Simply reverse kegal at any time during your pump session exhaling at the end of each rep. after you get the hang of it you can combine techniques in an effort to maximize your results.

Hope this helps some,


I agree with the others. Stay with your current tube.

If you’re doing sets of jelks between sets of pumps, you should be getting plenty of lig stretching; the pumping will augment that and give additional upward pull.

You might try two-handed squeezes isolating the area in which you want to build some more girth to make the shaft uniformly thick.



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