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Pumping and desensitization

Pumping and desensitization


I’m considering starting pumping - after a year of jelqing my gains are beginning to slow, plus I’ve read members saying that moderate pumping is good for erection quality. But I’m really worried about the effect it may have on the sensitivity of my unit. Cumming is very often a problem as it is for me - I can go until I’m completely knackered and still not cum. What do experienced pumpers have to say in that respect - is some degree of desensitization from pumping inevitable or can one avoid that if pumping is kept to moderate levels? (Would be grateful if a moderator could move this to pumpers’ forum - I haven’t posted a lot so I don’t have the permission to start a thread there.)


I think if you go overboard on any form of PE you are going to loose sensitivity, mainly just because you don’t feel so good when you are injured or suffering trauma.

Keep your pumping routine at moderate levels and also avoid fluid build up, or the donut effect from prolonged pumping. If you do this, your sensitivity might just go up from the turn on of seeing your post pump size.

During my 6 year PE career, the only time I lost sensitivity was:
- Once when I used to much weight while hanging
- And once after an intense 2 hour jelq session

Pumping has never caused any problems for me. When I pump I never use more than 7 hg and my pump “sets” are never longer than 15 minutes. I would normally do 4-6 of these sets. I always warm up starting at 4-5 hg and I increase the pressure by 1 hg with each set.

A few years ago I did almost every form of PE there was. My workouts would sometimes take 4-6 hours, and I did that 5 days a week. I do not recommend this to anyone except guys with at least a couple years of PE experience under their belts.

I’m with Gprent, I believe any form of PE if taken to extremes will cause loss of sensitivity and injury. Also, I believe that erect bending is the most risky form of PE out there.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.


Thanks for your comments. I’m somewhat reassured and will give it a go, sticking to low pressures and moderate timing. It’s just that even a slight decrease in sensitivity would be a big problem for me - it’s not fun at all going for 40 minutes straight and not being even close to cumming at the end of it.

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